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Pipe Pros

No description

Carolyn Coyne

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Pipe Pros

Pipe Pros Teamwork makes the Dream Work Presentation Overview Project Significance
Design Alternatives
Design Criteria
Pipeline Route
Pipeline Characteristics
Water Demand
Hydraulic Gradeline
Pump Details
Environmental Initiatives
Cost Breakdown Project Significance Municipal water supply system currently supplied by drinking water from Tri-County Water Supply System
Current system has been identified as deteriorating, upgrades and maintenance are necessary Mt. Brydges to Glencoe
29.5 km in length Route Pipe Characteristics 400mm diameter AWWA C905 PVC pipe
Lowest break rate
Highest ‘C’ Value
Flexible pipe allows for deflection
Less expensive
Longer lengths Future Water Demand Use until 2054 for SWM, Newbury and Bothwell
Residential and non-residential combined to give 2365 m^3/day (Public Works Manager, Municipality of Southwest Middlesex) Hydraulic Gradeline Hazen-Williams Equation: Q = 0.278 * C * D2.63 * S0.54 Monitoring Stations Glencoe Elevated Storage Facility
Normal operations
Swab launching and receiving Design Alternatives Do nothing Repair the existing system Extend the system using concrete pipe Extend the system using steel pipe Design Criteria Accommodate Municipality water demand for the next 40 years
Minimal social, economical, and environment disturbance
Economical design
Innovative techniques for difficult areas
Construction completed in 2014
Allow for future connection
Designed to allow for proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection practices Monitoring Station 2 Monitoring Station 3 Monitoring Station 4 THANK YOU! Environmental Initiatives Biosecurity Program (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture)
Spill control Program (Ontario Health and Safety Act) Obstacles
Bell Canada and Union Gas
Open-cut trench excavation Construction Pump Details Aurora 380 Series Single Stage Vertical Inline Pump Extend the system using PVC
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