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My presentation on Mesopotamia, Egypt and Nubia

what i said at the top

Henry LaBelle

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of My presentation on Mesopotamia, Egypt and Nubia

Welcome to my presentation! GOVERNMENT Egypt: . Pharaohs . Nation-state . Dynastys . Vizier . Nomarchs . Nomes . Monarchy .Laws Nubia: . Kings . Women had a higher status. . Queens . Military leader,
spiritual leader,
political leader. Mesopotamia: . City-states . King had complete
power . Kings Economic system: Egypt: . Cost-benefit analysis . Diplomacy . Trade . Taxes . Surpluses Mesopotamia: . Metal workers . Craft workers . Builders Nubia: . Trade corridor . commercial buying/selling Social structure Egypt: Mesopotamia: Nubia: . kings; queens; nobles;
peasants; slaves. . King and family;
priests, nobles and
military leaders; scribes,
craft workers and farmers. . Pharaoh; royal family members,
priests and nobles; craft workers scribes
and merchants; farmers and unskilled
workers; slaves. Religion: Egypt: Mesopotamia: Nubia: . Polytheism . Afterlife . Hapi . Ra . Osiris . Horus . Amon . Amon-Ra . Priests . Ziggurats . Temples . Gods . In 580 AD christianity became
the religion of Nubia. Technology and innovations Egypt: . Hieroglyphs . Papyrus . Shadouf . Pyramids . Clocks Mesopotamia: . Sickle . Hoe . Plows . Cuneiform . Clay
tokens . Bronze . Measurement . Calender . Irrigation Nubia: . Cataracts . Iron-working shops Agricultural practices and products Egypt: . Dikes . Dams . Figs . Dates Mesopotamia: . Pottery . Grains . Onions . Plows Nubia: . Gold . Granite Map of Nubia: Map of Mesopotamia: Map of Egypt: I made some venn-diagramy thingys to show the similarities and differences between Egypt, Mesopotamia and Nubia. This is an example of the egyptian social pyramid: This is an example of egyptian art:
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