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SAE project

No description

ariana batad

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of SAE project

*For my SAE project I am taking care of my dog. I will be feeding, walking, and bathing my dog. I really love dogs especially my own so I had no problem taking care of him.
*I wanted to learn to be able to take care of something and keep him healthy and learn resposibility for another life.
*An advantage to taking care of my dog was that he grew to like me more. He saw i was the one taking care of him so he tended to be by my side a lot.
*A disadvantage to taking care of my dog was having to pick up his poop. I didnt like having to do that. SAE Project
By Ariana Batad *My placement in this proficiency area is just to take care ofthe dog. My parents were the onesthat payed for his food,cleaning supplies, and toys.
*My resposibilities haven't changed during this time. They stayed feeding,walking,and bathing my dog. *My level of achievement towards this project is pretty satisfying. I know now how to wash a dog properly and also how to stick to a schedule for when it is his feeding time.
*My personal goals in the next 10 years is to be done with school and have a stable job with a home and maybe a family.
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