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ACCS PUG Zombies

The Zombie metaphor goes too far?

Bowen Moran

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of ACCS PUG Zombies

Care Converse Collaborate Celebrate After all, we're all in this together. 3 simple "rules" For creating engaging interfaces 1. Web-based Web-based interfaces allow for max flexibility With minimum effort while enabling choice and enabling creativity allowing for choice allows
ideas, discussion and
innovation to flow Allow for real collaboration 3. 2. No Anonymous Edits Would you trust someone you can't look in the eye? or to look at it another way... Should someone trust you if you can't look them in the eye? why not? because, it feels doesn't feel right.... right? wait. what? does real collaboration look like? give us all a stake Let's us share the risks, products and rewards and let's start, by showing them... we we Zombies "Mindless, driven by unquenchable hunger, they are a but a blight across the land,
predictable by only their appetite for destruction". The Public Hard to predict
appetites Easily Bored Want to be viewed as innocent... The Public Service Prone to Inaction Myopic "Vision" When we do act, it's in ways that are seen as shortsighted and destructive. Hardly someone you can trust. Because why would they care? The Public is pretty cool Public Servants Rock Nothing says "I'm listening" like when someone repackages your data. What's the future? Bowen.moran@gov.bc.ca

Zombies work for you (it's a metaphor) only come out at night
mindless chatter
drooling Bruce Lee,
on fighting zombies Now if there's one person I want to have my back when fighting zombies... It's Bruce Lee
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