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Albert Einstein

No description

Bryan Olivas

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
The best Scientist of twentieth century...
Einstein is considered as one of the best scientist of all the times, also he is considered the best of the twntieth century, with his studies about relativity of space and time he become the most important scientist of the century, also he is known as the bomb's father, he get that name because he helped USA to get a better energy source but then they used it to build the nuclear bomb that then destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Einstein was born in Ulm a Germany town, after he was born his family moved to Munich, were he lived 14 years of his life, Albert was quiet boy and had a difficult to learn, he learn to speak when he was 3 years old, he was a slow learner, he said that it was the cause of his intelligence, he said "a normal adult is not disturbed by the problems posed by space and time, considering that all there is to know about what is already known from early childhood. I, on the other hand, I had a development so slow that I have begun to wonder questions about space and time to which I have been most"
When he was 15 his family had to move to Milan because they had many economic problems, but he stay in munich to finish the high school, the next year he moved to Milan where he did the preparatory school, and he had a teacher that then based in the relativity theory of his exalumn made the theory of the dimentional formalism.
In 1903 Einstein get married with Mileva Maric, they had 2 sons: Hans Albert and Eduard, then they divorced and einstein get married again in 1919 with his cousin: Elsa Einstein .-.
Scientific Theories
the most important theory of Albert Einstein was the Relativity Theory, it says that light moves in a constant velocity. he has more theories about Brownian movement, equivalent mass-energy, and the photoelectric effects, etc.
He discovered that uranium was a very good energy source and he advertise president Roosevelt about it, but he never thought that it was going to be used to make the first nuclear bomb of history.
Thanks for your attention
By: Bryan Olivas 1°A
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