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Bryce N. and

No description

Angela Altazan

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Bryce N. and

Bryce N. and Jarrett E.
Simon Keith has broken the barrier of 2 heart transplants.
Bethany Hamilton has broken the barrier of a shark attack.
Tom Dempsey has had 3 concussions.
Wilma Rudolph's barrier was she lost every race.
Michael Oher's parents didn't support him.
Jesse Owens barrier is he was a sickly child.
Michael Oher opinion.
My opinion of Michael Oher is he is a good player.
E1: "He developed into a college football star and a high NFL draft pick."
E2: "Oher helped take the Ravens all the way to Super Bowl XLVII."
E3:Oher got"multiple scholarship offers from Division 1 schools."
E4:Oher's story was told in the "Blind side" a book.
E5: A movie was filmed about him.
Jesse Owens
Opinion:I think Jesse Owens is one of the best track stars.
E1:"Owens won four gold medals at the Olympic games."
E2:"He broke three world records and tied another."
E3:"He was sent on a global goodwill tour as ambassador of sport for the United States."
E4:"A number of universities actively recruited Owens."
E5:Owens" Was honored with a ticker tape parade in New York City.
Not just a game
Opinion:Sports are healthy for you.
E1:"Sports not only exercise our bodies but exercises our mind."
E2:"Sports raise our energy level."
E3:They " act as antidepressants."
Died of cancer
They both had a troubled childhood.
Parents didn't support him.
Were both african americans.
They had to work hard for an important event.
He experienced racism
He was a troubled kid in school
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