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My Future

No description

Kay-Lynn Soper

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of My Future

The career I have chosen is Vet Tech.

The Pay:
the pay ranges between $11.00 to $24.00 an hour.

having benefits depends on where you work, and what the owner is willing to cover and give you.
My Future
Kaylyn Soper
Hopeful future budget in 10 yrs time
I hope to have my student loan FULLY paid off by now.

I hope to have started a family.

Be settled into my first home.

Maybe even have my own Kennel :O
10 yrs later...
I hope to have a stable job in the Vet Tech field.

I hope to have a nice chunk of my student loan paid off.

I hope to be in my own apartment or condo living it up on my own! :P
5 years from now.
Next year after high school
Budget after One year in College
This Fall after high school, I hope to apply and get accepted into the Vet Tech Program at Georgian college.
Next year I will have gone through the Pre-Health Sciences program at Niagara College.
I will be living at home throughout next year in order to save money for future schooling.
5 yrs later budget

This budget is an Annual budget, meaning this is what would be paid over 12 months.
monthly budget
My college choice
closer to home
save money on rent because i can live at home.
going into pre health
opens up many more doors for me.
Hope to be going into the Vet Tech program.
allows me to do what I really love to do, work with animals.
won't feel like work because it's something I love.
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