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An Inventory Management System for Technology Inc.

Communication Skills 2X

Marc AN

on 2 February 2012

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Transcript of An Inventory Management System for Technology Inc.

An Inventory Management System
for Technology Inc. A Project Proposal Introduction Purpose to provide the company with an efficient and effective way of monitor and organizing the inventory
to provide a database of customers, employees, products, and sales
to improve the production of Financial Reports Problem Managing stocks
Tracking sales and orders
Working efficiently
Creating accurate reports Overview Definition of Terms Inventory Management – process of efficiently overseeing the constant flow of stocks into and out of an existing inventory Stocks/Inventory- current assets held for sale, or for processing and subsequent re-sale (Zipkin, 2000) Financial Reports – a report which describes the financial situation of a company Normalization – method of organizing information to reduce complexities and eventually create normalized forms Form – window or screen of related fields from a database;
according to OpenOffice.org

It is used to enter or browse data from the database Discussion Conclusion Analysis Technology Inc. is experiencing problems and inefficiencies with the manual inventory system they are currently using

An automated Inventory Management System will significantly reduce most of these problems by providing the following:
A Database of every transaction made by the commpany
Providing an easy to use interface for the users
Automatically producing accurate reports Company Background Founded by Mr. Steve Cho

April 2011 Products and Services Visual Surveillance
Intrusion & Perimeter Protection
Access Control System
Fire Alarm System
Wireless Network
Audio Automation
Communication System
Metal Detector
Hotel Locks
Barrier Parking Lot
Power Products President/
General Manager Assistant
General Manager Executive
Assistant Marketing Head Sales Manager Sales Officer Technical Engineer Technical Engineer Field Installer Field Installer General Manager Organizational Structure Oversees most or all of the firm's marketing and sales functions as well as day-to-day operations
Coordinating the strategic planninf functions Assistant
General Manager Supports the managers in the day-to-day running of specific department, office or store
Manages the inventory of the company Executive Assistant Carries the authority to make crucial decisions affecting the direction of the organization Marketing Head Research on methods to improve the quality and efficiency of the current products and services of the company Methodology Gathering of Data Collection of necessary data such as
Company Profile
Mission & Vision
Organizational Chart
Mechanics of the current system inventory system System Analysis Gathered data will be analyzed using the SWOT Analysis
It will determine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the company According to Mindtools.com System Design Interface Design
Create a draft of the proposed system using Microsoft Visual Studio
Database design Creation of tables
Normatization of the tables
Using SQL Server Programming and Testing Actual coding using Microsoft Visial Studio
Based on the Analysis and Design stages
Testing and Debugging SQL - Structured Query Language Overall System Testing Checking of requirements
Testing and Debugging until all errors are fixed System Implementation Installation
Training and Orientation
Data Convertion Technical Description
of Mechanism Main Menu Login Menu File Maintenance Menu Transaction Maintenance Menu Each form will be able to generate reports A manual inventory system, such as the one used by Technology Inc. has many inefficiencies (Jacobs, 1992) it is prone to human error such as the loss of important documents and miscalculations during the creation of financial reports The Inventory Management System that the porponents intend to create will solve most of the problems that the company is experiencing
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