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Group Project

No description

Evan Albaugh

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Group Project

Handicrafts - Ceramics
-All pottery and ceramics are hand made, they are usually made in modest, family owned factories around Toledo and Valencia, but all of the work is completed in Spain's borders.

Handicrafts - Jewerly
-There was little gold to start with in Mexico, then mexicans traveld to countries with gold, and they started to make gold out of it.
Handicrafts - Guitars
Handicrafts - Swords
-Knives, albacete pocket knives, sabers, swords, axes, daggers, air guns, revolvers and swiss army knives are all made in in Spain. To make a lot of these knives, they have many options. They could choose between goat horns, all the way to deer bone or antlers.
Handicrafts - Art
-Some famous spanish artists are El Greco, Deigo Velázquez, Francisco Goya, Joaquin Sorolla and most famous would probably be Pablo Picasso. Musica- Nuevo Dia.

This song is an exelent choice for some dance music!! Musica- Blues De La Frontera.

Some easy listening music. Musica- Albeniz

If you like guitars, then this is the music for you!! Musica- Amaia Montero

She is the next up and coming artist! She has a great voice! Libros- Soy un Gato

A sweet story about a cat, and the perfect gift for a younger sibling! El Faro De Los Libros-
A very good read!
A strong cultured book, based in the 1980's.
Libros- La Hija De Robert Poste

A classic book for the teenage years! A great read! Libros- Trilogia Negra De Estocolmo II

A classic murder mystery. A very compelling novel!
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