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Literary Terms

No description

Tyler Tuncy

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Literary Terms

Literary Terms By: Tyler Will.I.Am Tuncy Alliteration-Repeating initial sounds in neighboring words.
Example: Sam, the super sluggish snail, slowly slugged up the slippery slope. Allusion-Referencing to a person, place, event, artwork, song, etc
Example : As he held up his world weighted six month cat, his arms ached as much as atlas' arms. Apostrophe-figures of speech pertaining to an imaginary figure or personified abstraction.
Examples : Cupid, Statue of Liberty, grim reaper, angel, skull, etc Aphorism-Little saying that implies a moral
Example : "Lost time is never found again" -Benjamin Franklin Assonance-repetition of vowel sounds
Example : When I ran really far to reach the van, I just ended up in the sand. Ballad- 15-20 line 3 stanza poem that is meant to be sung.
Example- Sometimes I feel invisible
as if no one really knows
I'm trapped and disabled
and nothing really shows

Inferiority controls me
My space is closing from all sides
Jealously closes the box and brings tides
And now I cant breath

(Refrain)Its not even worth living anymore
if no one even notices you
But as your tears continue to pour
You'll remain forever doomed Hyperbole- exaggeration
Example- I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse. Iambic Pentameter- 10 syllable lines with stressed and unstressed syllables often used in Shakespeare's poetry
Example - A chocolate world would be really great Imagery-language appealing to the 5 senses.
Example- The wind had a slight minty scent as it chills my spine. Internal Rhyme-Rhyming inside lines instead of outside.
Example- The moonlight was so bright, It lit up the night. Irony- something that turns out the opposite than what was expected.

Verbal- saying something and then the opposite happening.
Dramatic- When the audience knows something will happen that the character doesnt know.
Situational- happens in real life scenarios Metaphor-comparison without using like or as.
Example- The moon is a diamond in the sky. Metonymy- Big things to smaller things
Example-SHS requires you to bring a note up to two days after your absent. False Dr.B wants that. Onomatopoeia-words describing everyday sounds
Example- The thunder went BOOM BOOM CRASH. Oxymoron- two words that contradict each other end up side by side in a sentence
Example- That's a new classic you got there. Personification- giving inanimate objects human qualities. The wind whistled at the moon as it smiled back. Pun-play on words
Example: As I got another weapon from karate to add to my collection I wonder If I should Empty out all the bodies and bones first or dust my closet to make room. Repetition- saying one word or phrase in poetry more than once.

I like apples
Do you like apples
Everyone likes apples
If you dont like apples.......
Then get out of my face Rhyme-when words sound the same in literature internally or externally.
Example-I like purple
Do you like it too
I hate orange
how about you Simile- comparison using like or as
Example-Sometimes I feel like dust in the wind Soliloquy-when a character speaks to itself in a few lines
Example- What is life worth living for
Am I making it worth my while
What would happen If I went
To a place where I'll never live again Stanza- A paragraph in poetry

Example- Love is a crazy thing
It has twists and turns
When it comes back and bites you
You may never learn Stereotype- when certain people do certain things and it becomes a ingrained thought into some peoples minds.
Example- That cop did not catch us when we ran out of gas on the business. He must've been meeting his buddies at dunkin donuts. Symbol-represents something like love or death.
Example- Remember that symbol is a biohazard symbol. It means to place used needles in there instead of a regular trashcan so the emptier wont get cut and it will be handled professionally. Synecdoche- small thing representing a larger thing.
Example: Could you lend me a hand ? Free verse-10-12 lines and 2 stanzas
Cannot rhyme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music unveils a different side of me
It's a side people aren't familiar with
Music strokes me with shivers on my spine
In a way it lifts me up and makes me feel like I deserve to live on this planet

I connect with pop, dance, and rock songs
I love darker toned songs
because they put me somewhere else
I feel lost when I listen
and when its over I awaken
and remember nothing but the music
taking over my mind Blank verse- 3 stanzas 10-12 lines Cannot Rhyme !!!!!!!!!
Iambic Pentameter

I really love minute maid lemonade
I share my lemonade with nobody
If I don't have lemonade I drink milk
I love tru moo milk more than lemonade

I love Iced coffee and cappuccinos
I love to put creamer in my coffee
Do not mix lemonade and milk ok
otherwise you will have stomach issues

I love a numerous amount of drinks
Minute maid lemonade and powerade
It's great to love several things to drink Consonance-repetition of consonant sounds.

Example- In the concert, I consistently felt the artist when she sang her songs and made a strong connection. Couplet- 2 line stanza
Example-I love chocolate and do you know
I'll eat it and refrigerate it in the snow Dialect- Several ways to speak in literature.
Example: My mom reads romance novels and she often sees French and Italian as dialects. enjambment-continuation of one line in a poem
Example- Death is something some people are afraid of are you
Death can be a fear to some people but not me Figurative language- language not to be taken directly and used in almost all peices of literature.

I feel like a bird flying high above the clouds.
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