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Another Golden Age?

Group Presentation for FILM 4210

Cliff Marshall

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Another Golden Age?

Another Golden Age?
Notable works
Indie Culture: In Pursuit of the Authentic Autonomous Alternative
Indie: An American Film Culture
Ze Frank and the Poetics of Web Video
When they first started dating, neither of them had cable but would ask friends to record shows for them, such as Buffy and Felicity, and then watch them later.
Michael Z. Newman & Elana Levine
The two of them are married
The authors are critical of the class hierarchies in which the label of “quality television” stemmed from, yet perpetuate the use of the term in the article.
1. Do you think quality programs (such as Breaking Bad, Mad Men, etc.) could be as successful without the internet as a means of word-of-mouth and as a space for fandom?

2. Does having a devoted, cult following really legitimize a TV show?

3. Are we currently in Television’s golden age? Are we at the peak of TV as an art form?
Wallowing in Sex: The New Sexual Culture of 1970’s American Television
Undead TV: Essays on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Once they got cable, they would record on 2 VCR's and would coordinate their daily schedules based on airing times of their favorite TV shows.
The article suggests that true “quality television” was made possible by the internet, video-recording devices and other ways of creating fandom. This in some ways suggests a favoring of shows with cult followings.
Both Newman and Levine are Associate Directors of Journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
They have two sons together
Their focus is on both television history and criticism
Key Point
Due to the convergence-era, television has transformed from a broadcast fad to a powerful force that outshines its past and has become a necessity for cultural acceptance.
Main Points
Present day television achieves legitimation by accepting delegitimated discourses as true of television overall.
Working off the growing legitimation of television became a promotional tactic for cable channels to draw in "Quality" audiences.
Cultural hierarchies and distinguishing between the legitimated and non-legitimated creates class and gender biases. As television has progressed, it has become more masculine.
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