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ACRS Programs

No description

Meredith Holladay

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of ACRS Programs

ACRS People
Provides human services to
Asian Pacific American
Local residents
Aging and Adult |Behavioral Health | Youth sports | Yoga | Dance | Citizenship and Immigration | Employment and Training | Civic Engagement Meal Program |Community Garden
Our Mission

To enhance the mission and programming of ACRS by
building and strengthening relationships
among site features, people and the broader community
East Walkway
Side Exit/Entrance
Meditation Garden
Cafe Extension

Cafe Hope
Roof Top Power Garden
To promote
social justice
and the
of Asian Pacific American individuals, families and communities - including immigrants, refugees and native born - by developing, providing and advocating for innovative community-based multilingual and multicultural services.
ACRS Mission
Club Bamboo
Food Bank & Volunteers
Cafe Hope and Eating Area
Lobby/Waiting Room
bike rack
fountain and benches
wheelchair accessible path
path to meditation garden
lobby (indoors)
Promote social justice , well being, and empowerment
Innovative community resource
Environmental employment and experience potential

Design Team
Lia Hall
Carol Wiedeman
Paris Yates
Allison Mountjoy
Chris Taylor
Meredith Holladay

Plant small orchards of fruit trees in gardens and on common land along paths and streets, in parks, in neighborhoods,
wherever there are well-established groups that can themselves care for the trees and harvest the fruit. from A Pattern Language #170 Fruit Trees*

Westside Food Walk

Create a meeting place that welcomes the gathering of people from both the ACRS community and the neighborhood.

West Sidewalk Plaza


Windows in Doors
Covered Seating
New Tree
Open the eye level view from the interior space and invite people outside.

North Patio

Sidewalk access
Map Art
Exercise Station #1
Staff passageway
Food Walk entry
Ride pickup site

West Sidewalk Plaza

Seating and Shelter
Pathway access
Bamboo Garden
Perennial flowers and herbs
Entry to Project Garden
Clients’ Garden - Common Garden

Project Garden

Common Garden

Clients’ Garden


Forest Food Walk
Trail to Cheasty Greenspace
Stewardship Program

Connect the ACRS community and the neighborhood to the adjacent Cheasty Greenspace.

Staff Lot & Greenspace


Extends Client Garden
West window view
Demonstration garden
Harvest sharing

Small Trees
Asian plum and pear
Persimmon - Fig

Black Mulberry


Variety of planting spaces for client access
Variety of planting spaces for gardening projects
Wide edged raised beds
Deep soil and trellising
Optimized irrigation
Teaching and gathering area
Clients’ Garden - Project Garden
Behavioral & Mental
Health Programs
Teen Programs
Entry Complex
API Flying Book
Library Program
Barista Station
Indoor Seating
Vending Machines
Asian Counseling & Referral Services
Cafe Hope
"Visions in Red", false Spiraea
Create an inviting and comfortable space for both individuals and families with elders or children. The waiting room becomes less clinical and reduces stress associated with being at a doctors office.
Slow down entry into the building by taking advantage of the large open space and adding free-standing elements that pull people in to experiences of art, relaxation, music, and learning.

These elements play in to the original intention of the currently underused fountain space.
Front Entrance
Open the space for more seating, providing additional opportunity for community connectedness.

Increase capacity for meal & food options which can both showcase local food entrepreneurs and strategically increase profit for Cafe Hope.
Retaining Wall & Seating
New plantings
Japanese Shield Fern
Wild Ginger
Tank Dimensions
Gallons: 1110
Height: 4 feet, 8 inches
Diameter: 7 feet
Water Harvesting Tank
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