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Play timeline


helen davenport

on 11 October 2009

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Transcript of Play timeline

Play and Childhood Implications Attitudes Pre 1600 little concept
of 'the child' catholic notion of 'original sin' discipline instilled
by the church... children enter the
workplace as soon
as possible... 1700 Early Industrialisation Child as economic asset
contributing to family
income and pension. Rousseau
1712-1778 Concept of the child as precious..
the notion of 'childhood' begins
to evolve. 1800 The importance of letting
children be children
and the value of play
came to be realised. Froebel
1782-1852 Montessori
1869-1952 Dewey
1859-1952 Steiner
1861-1925 Isaacs
1885-1948 1870 State Education Created 1881 Schooling
to 11
compulsory childhood is therefore
'legally protected'
but schooling
remains functional 1900 Present 1960's - 1970

The Plowden Report -

influences on education... Play enters
education 1988 Education Reform Act As emphasis shifts towards
subject based learning, space for
'play' becomes squeezed out... The 'loss' of childhood? 2000 Curriculum Guidance for
the Foundation Stage 2007 EYFS An increased emphasis on play


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