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Serial Killers

No description

Elif Eser

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Serial Killers

Serial Killers
How does a serial killer look like? What are the motives of becoming a serial killer? And what really goes on in the head of a serial killer?
In order to explain or distinguish killers a
is created and some serial killers fit at least at some aspects of it.
Some of these killers are considered as insane.Are they really insane or is it just an excuse of lawyers to lower their clients’ detention?

It is difficult to try and understand psychopaths’ mind but three things are fairly clear.
In our diverse world we have different phenomenas that take place and leave mark and consequences in the history.
One of the most horrible and discussed phenomenas is serial killing.

to arrest (someone) for a crime : to catch (a criminal or suspect)

Within hours, police had apprehended the thief

Related forms:
Apprehended (adjective)
Apprehending (adjective)
Apprehender (noun)
Related forms:
Abhorrence (noun)
Abhorrent (adjective)

I abhor the way people leave their trash at the picnic sites in the park

to dislike (someone or something) very much


Related forms:
brutalization (noun)

A young man brutalized by the experience of war

To cause (someone) to lose ordinary human kindness or feelings

Related forms:
atrociously (adverb)
atrociousness (noun )

An atrocious period in the nation's history

very evil or cruel



Related forms:
Necrophiliac (noun)
Necrophilic (adjective)

Necrophilia, rape and torture of women is no laughing matter

sexual feelings or activities that involve dead bodies


Related forms:
Intuitively (adverb)
Intuitiveness (noun)

A doctor with an intuitive awareness of his patients' concerns

Having the ability to know or understand things without any proof or evidence ,
having or characterized by intuition


People who do things that are illegal or wrong

Perpetrators were apprehended by the police.

Related forms:
perpetrate (verb)
perpetration (noun)

The act or process of holding a trial against a person who is accused of a crime to see if that person is guilty

The defendant is awaiting prosecution.

Related forms:
Prosecute (verb)

1)Define 'Intuitive'.
2)What is the synonym of evil?
Imagine you are the jury in a serial killer case
It is clear that the man is responsible of the killings and he had also plead guilty. The lawyer is telling that, his client is not sane. Therefore he shouldn't get a punishment. What would you do in a situation like that? Can insanity be an excuse for what he have done?
With the fascination of knowing a serial killer has come an image of the serial killer driven by incomprehensible motives, but also extremely clever and devious at finding victims and evading detection.
*The key of becoming a serial killer=“
the first killing

*There may be a gap between the second murder,but after that the way is open and continuous for a long time ==> he becomes dependent on killing for his
mental balance.
First, it is true that many people, who have committed crimes, are conscious and able to distinguish what is wrong. They know what the society punishes.
Second, deciding what is right and wrong is a many-sided thing. A sociopath for example understands a wrong act, in that people forbid and condemn it, while having an inadequate sense of what is really right or wrong.
Third, sanity is also a many sided thing, since most killers share most normal desires. Most sane people have desires to do wrong more than they admit. The difference is not as much in what is wanted as what desires are acted upon.
And in fact this where just thought, because one cannot exactly know what happens to the mind of a killer.
One of the most important aspects we need to mention while speakıng about killers is
What is its role and how it affects the attitude of the society. What we want law to say will depend on the attitudes we take to violent crimes.
Killing is a horrible act and should be punished, but we should find the proper manners so that these phenomena be obliterated.

We need to also point that the way we react to certain crimes and these really affects the way a killer is judged in front of the judge or the entire society.
What do you think insanity actually is? What is the line between sanity and insanity?
What could be some of the motives for someone to become a serial killer?
What could some of the punishments that you,as a part of the society would give to a serial killer?
Ted Bundy:persuasive manners
Jeffrey Dahmer:Kills and puts the bodies in refrigerator
Only thing in common is the phenomena of killing and not the way they feel about killing.
By: Dorina Ismaili
Elif Eser
Elnaz Gültekin

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