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Clean Coal Technologies

No description

Kaitlyn St. George

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Clean Coal Technologies

Clean Coal Technologies
My Question:

What has Clean Coal Technol-ogies impacted?
Chemical Equation

C+O2= CO2

Balanced, when found Meaning:

Fuel + Oxygen --> heat + carbon
Dyoxide in water Products:

Green House Gases
Global Warming Catalyst:
An Active
chemical in a

There is a Catalyst in
Clean Coal Technologies

It is necessary to balance the equation because then you can find reactants or products I found that it is really
important becuase clean
coal contributes to global warming. Clean
coal also creates acid rain and pollutes water. Clean coal, isnt helping our world stay "Green"
This research impacted
me a lot becuase now i know
how clean coal is really affecting
our planet. This information relates
to the real world because
global warming is a real issue
that lots of people worry about
every single day Answer to My Question:
clean coal has impacted, plants,
animals, and has created water
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