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Founding Documents Part 1


Ross Bosse

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Founding Documents Part 1

Founding Documents
Charters of the Virginia Company of London
Main Idea
Guaranteed rights of Englishmen to Virginia's colonists
Primary Author
King James I
Key Details
Provided settlers, supplies , and ships for settlement
So What?
Established a government and business for Virginia colonists
The Virginia Declaration of Rights
Main Idea
Listed individual rights
Primary Author
George Mason
Key Details
Provides for:
Freedom of religion
Power of the people
Due process
So What?
Served as the basis for the Bill of Rights in the United States Consitution
Virginia Statute for Religous Freedom
Primary Author
Thomas Jefferson
Key Details
Guaranteed that people would be free to choose a religion
Main Idea
Provided for freedom of religous beliefs and opinions
So what?
Established separation of church and state
The Declaration of Independence
Primary Author
Thomas jefferson and others
Key Details
All people are equal under law
Main Idea
Asserted that the colonies were independent from Great Britain
So What?
Official start to American Revolution
The Articles of Confederation
Main Idea
Major powers resided with individual states
Primary Author
Members of The Continental Congress
Key Details
Created the first form of national government for the independent states
So What?
Failure led to the writing of the U.S. Constitution
Established majority rule in colony
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