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Aria45, Elegance first

Dissertation project

Matilde Fabbri

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Aria45, Elegance first

Displacement = 8500kg
Lcb = 7.72m from FP
Trim = 0 degrees static AT PRESENT...
Lightship weight = 5694Kg
Full load weight = 7743Kg
Lcg = 7.66 from FP
KG = 0.85m abv Baseline STRUCTURE FRP Hull.
Sandwich side panels and deck.
Single skin or sandwich bottom panels? Preliminary structure design according to "Boat Strength", by D.Gerr.
Further scantling calculation complying with ISO12215. Structure lay out conceived to match interior arrangement. Made of.. PRODUCTION Limited small production.
Temporary female mould.
Hand laminated. MATERIAL CHOICE Corecell M80 and M100
Side panels: RE400, QE600, XE301
Bottom panels: BE831
Possibly one Gel Coat layer to avoid print trough effect. Resistance = 13.9KN QPC = 0.55
P effective = 247KW Pd = 449.09 KW Each engine = 224 KW ENGINE CHOICE Reference: volvopenta.com Volvo Penta IPS450/D6 Matilde Fabbri
BEngYacht & Powercraft Design
Southampton Solent University Open45, Elegance First Crankshaft Power = 243Kw
Propshaft Power = 230Kw
Max Speed = 35Knots
Tank capacity = 1000lt Why IPS system..? Improved efficiency and reduced fuel consumption,
Easier lower-speed maneuvering,
Simplified installation,
Minimized sound level and exhaust emissions,
Higher comfort onboard. Length max: 14m
Length waterline: 12.45m
Beam max: 3.85m
Beam waterline: 3.28 Draught: 0.5m
Displacement: 8.5tons
Cp: 0.69
Deadrise: 17 to 24degrees Next steps... Ultimate GA and technical drawings
3D model rendering with Rhino
Deepen stability according to ISO12217_1
Produce a final scantling based on a sensible weight and practical lamination
Update weight estimation
Finish report Thank you for your attention... Aria45, Elegance first INTERIOR DESIGN EXTERIOR DESIGN Stylish Iconic Contemporary To be approved as category B from ISO Standard. But not only style... Strong personality... Aria45...
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