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Rooms Division

No description

Douglas Lemire

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of Rooms Division

Rooms Division
Organizational Chart
An organizational chart is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions/jobs.
The Guest Cycle
Pre-Arrival: guest chooses where to stay and makes initial contact. Reservationist is important. Set a positive and realistic expectation for the guest
Arrival: Begins when guest first sees the hotel sign and parking lot. Includes registration and rooming functions. What positions are important to this stage?
Occupancy: Begins upon arrival at the guestroom. Main objective is to exceed expectations & encourage future business.
Departure: Begins when check-out form is delivered and guest begins packing. Guest settles accounts. Find out if satisfied.
Knowledge for Front Office Employees
Being courteous leaves a good impression with the guest
Smile when you talk and use proper grammar
Speak clearly and slowly to aid in comprehension
Share your name as well as asking for the guests name
Conclude conversations with a thank you/offer of future assistance
Be last one on/last one off when using elevator with guests
Make small talk with the guests. This can be used to up-sell products or features
There are many employees within this department e.g. guestroom attendant, public space cleaner, & laundry
Many people throughout the hotel rely on housekeeping, thus the department must exhibit excellent teamwork
Notify front office if cleaning areas will restrict the public
Tell engineering dept. about needed repairs
Assisting banquet areas with linen ordering
Knowing the location of various points of interest within the hotel in order to guide the guests
Concierge & Cashier
The job of the concierge is to provide whatever the guest needs or wants
Have extensive knowledge of the property and community
Guests expect the concierge to have all the answers
Day starts by checking arrivals list, special requests, and concierge level guest list
Must keep all info confidential
Good concierge will only do things that are legal and kind. No escort services, no practical jokes, no betting, no going out for dinner/drinks with guest
Most hotels have gift shops and newsstands that require a cashier
Retail operations within a hotel are often small and require cashiers to take on more responsibilities
Registration Record
Front desk representative will create a
registration record
upon check-in
Name and billing info
Method of payment
Length of stay
Special needs or preferences
Guest phone number
Guest signature
Information that is collected about the guest to help the hotel anticipate and serve their needs in the future.
Used for developing marketing strategies
Encourages continued patronage
Guest History File
The Front Office
The most visible department in the hotel
Front office employees have the most guest contact/interaction
Front desk is the focal point of lobby
Acts as command center for guest requests and complaints
Duties: Sell guestrooms, register, assign rooms, reservations, information, guest services, maintain guest accounts and finances
Reservations and Communications
Over 50% of all guests make reservations
Reservations are commonly made by: Telephone, Hotel Sales Representatives, Internet, E-mail, Travel Agency, and Fax
Telephone switchboard department maintains a complex communication network. It is commonly called (PBX) or Private Branch Exchange
What are some examples of tasks the communications department would have?
Rooms Division
Considered the heart and soul of a lodging property as this division generates more revenue than all other divisions combined
Duties include: selling the rooms, checking guests in/out, care for the room, and providing guests with services for the duration of their stay
Departments include: Front office, Reservations, Communications, Uniformed service, and Housekeeping
Uniformed Service & Housekeeping
Uniformed service department provides the most personalized guest service
Common positions: Bell attendants, Door attendants, Valet attendants, Transportation personnel, and Concierges
These are critical to a smooth operating hotel
Housekeeping is a very important support department for the front office
At some hotels it is it's own division
Often employs largest staff in rooms division
Communication with front office is critical
Types of Guestrooms
Accessible- designed for guests with disabilities
Adjacent- rooms next to each other with no connecting door
Adjoining- rooms next to each other, connected by a door
Balcony- rooms with a glass door opening to a balcony
Business Class- rooms for business travelers that may have wifi, fax machines, printers, modems, etc.
Double- rooms with 2 double beds
King- room with 1 king sized bed
Suite- room with a sitting area connected to one or more bedrooms. Note the # bedrooms needed when booking a suite
Smoking/Nonsmoking- rooms designed for guests that do/do not smoke
Property Policies
Front office employees must be familiar with the rules and procedures that are used to handle questions or problems that may arise
Common policies include: where buses park, fire code restrictions, maximum number of guests per room, valet and self parking fees, crib and cot charges, pet policies, check cashing, etc.
Guests also expect front office employees to know about their community and what it has to offer. Try to encourage guests to use on-site services where possible. Know info about area restaurants, clubs, theaters, special events and other attractions.
Directions & Transportation
Guests will likely be from out of town. A guest that arrives without hassle will be in a much better mood.
Keep directions as simple as possible. Explain a longer route if it's easier.
Give directions through safe areas only
Talk slowly as the guest may be writing things down
Spell street names and landmarks out
Ask if the guest understood you or if they'd like you to repeat
Never point when giving directions
Provide a map wherever possible
Know how to get to your property from all major highways
Have accurate info regarding times/rates of shuttles
Cleaning Supplies
Wear gloves and safety goggles when using cleaning chemicals
Never mix two chemicals together
Clearly mark all spray bottles properly
Do not change spray heads
All-Purpose cleaner is used in guestrooms, public areas, and to clean equipment
Glass cleaner used on windows not mirrors
Furniture polish only on wood and in small amounts
Bleach helps remove stains, kill bacteria, and whiten fabric. Be careful
Special Requirements
It is important for housekeeping to report certain issues that arise. These issues include: Stains on carpet, pets, cigarette burns, vomit, wet/damaged/stained mattresses, furniture and walls, missing furniture, leaking valves.
Housekeeping must take inventory every month
Accurate inventory lets property know when to re-order
Keep enough for one set in storage, one in wash, one in closets/carts, and one in use.
Apply Your Learning 5.4
1) What can housekeeping employees do to help banquet setup employees?
2) What is the first line of defense against theft, guest harm, and room damage?
3) Where is all-purpose cleaner used?
4) What should a public space cleaner do if they see an air conditioner stain?
5) Where are cleaning supplies counted during monthly inventory
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