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Comparing the creation stories.

This Prezi will be comparing the Aboriginal story and the Genesis Story of creation

Claire Shirvington

on 21 August 2010

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Transcript of Comparing the creation stories.

Creation Symbols
There are many symbols used in both storys of creation. Symbol are very important. In Genesis, symbols are used in a range of ways.
Genesis is a very important book in the bible because this is were we first here about God.
God is a very important person in the catholic beliefs. God is the one and only person who created the world. God created humans, our responcibility is to take care of the world, the way God intended. The story of creation is truley amazing! Dreamtime stories
are what aboriginals
believe in. Their
Dreamtime stories are
like storeys from the
bible. Although told
in a different
structure. Dreamtime
stories are
myths Myths
Myths are what indidgenous Australians believe in. They believe that goothy goothy created the world. This is like the genesis creation story. Creation Stories
These are told in both genesis and Dreamtime. Both creations Stories encourage us to show stewardship. Stewardship
Stewardship is were you show carness and responsibilities for what is not yours. Sometimes we ahve to do this within our heritage. E.g If your grandparents, grandparents owned an ice-cream shop and they handed it down from generation to generation, it would be your heritage to take care and show responsibilities for the shop. Although it was not intended to be yours you still have to show stewardship towards it. Heritage
Everyone has a heritage. There are many places on the earth which are on the World Heritage listings. This means that the World Heritage commitee believes that the attraction should be preserved for all people and for all of time. THE END!
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