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Mar-quette Yourself.

You're already Marquette-d. Now it's time to market.

Haley Landsman

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Mar-quette Yourself.

Let me start by saying, I love Marquette. I am from Michigan I fell in love with Marquette on my tour. My tour guide had a job lined up. I knew I wanted to go into Advertising or Broadcast Journalism. Deep down I knew that Advertising was the place for me. I later stumbled across Public Relations as a second major. And then I minored in Marketing so I could take some business courses. Everyone kept talking about the importance of experience and internships. So I got some. You should get some too. Alpha Phi The LEAD Center OSD Hunger Clean Up The Women's Leadership Conference Young Life NSAC Agencies In House Somewhere else? Radio In the field In the office Research Activation George Webb Mountain Dew Dewmocracy Yellow. Friends. AOL Chipotle Qdoba They are both good for different reasons. Citadel Broadcasting - 105.3 HOT FM Body Worlds Cricket Wireless Aurora Healthcare Luci Boutique GMR Marketing Bank of America Travel Hanson Dodge Creative Koss Corporation Newaukee Milwaukee Drinks.com Milwaukee Food Tours #MKEBowling Consulting Expertise Blogging Facebook Etiquette Peanut-Sized Victories OnMilwaukee.com 100 Things - 'Halium' Weebly LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Networking Networking Networking Let me end by saying, I love Marquette. @HaleyLandsman







linkedin.com/in/haleylandsman I like these giant brackets. Tweetdeck hootsuite twitpic twitvid Acrobash Tweet ups Webinars #PRSMS Free time. Free time. SEO Customer Service Media Contacts Social Media Plans Do it right or don't bother. Teams Take ownership Press HTML Keywords Events Sponsorship Launches
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