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20th century music

No description

Travis Pulaski

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of 20th century music

20th century music
some of the instruments of the 20th century are
uncommon instruments
some of the uncommon instruments are
Description of the music
20th century music started to break the rules that had governed music for centuries.
The years of the music
20th century music started from the 19th century to present

Many people from around the world did not except the outrageous types of music.
music stared to be written/ recorded on a computer.
Aleatory music : is where the composer decides how to play the piece and which notes to play.
-bass guitar
-guitar(double and triple neak)

-scrubbing brush
weird but these are used as instruments
they are just not common or normal

by Lucas, Natalia, Ella, TJ, Korey, Ryan, cheyann
Benjamin Britten
full name: Edward Benjamin Britten

Born: November 22, 1913

Died: December 4, 1976

British composer

lived in: Aldeburgh

he was a leading composer
Giacomo Puccini
Born: December 22, 1858

Died: November 29, 1924

full name: Giacomo Antonio Domenico Puccini

His operas include: La Boheme(1896), Tosca(1900), Madama Butterfly(1904), Turandot(left incomplete).

Italian composer
Geore Gershwin
Born: Setember 26,1898

Died: july 11,1937, at the
age of 38

dropped out of school at
age 15 to study music

pianist for Broadway
singers in 1916

two of his songs were
Rhapsody in blue
porgy and bess
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