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Perkins Application

No description

Aysha Foster

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of Perkins Application

Perkins 101
Timeline and Due Dates
Sample Requisition Request Form
What you can buy?
Approved Vendors and Quotes
How will I be Scored?
October 14
October 17-21
Perkins review
November 9-30
Perkins notification of Approvals/Denials
November 9-30
Orders placed through the Procurement Department
November – December
Expect to start receiving your orders
Make sure your front office knows to expect the items
Application Template
How will I be scored?

1. Apply for item that sustain a program

2. Submit as a group/pathway

3. Look for big ticket items that cannot be supported by your general budget

4. Items must be from approved vendors. *email your specialist if your have questions, as some products are sold through third parties rather than the primary company

5. Provide thorough rationale, demonstrating how this will enhance student learning.

6. It is helpful if multiple pathways can share this item.
It is a quotation giving the estimated cost provided by a vendor for a product(s). You will have to call/email the vendor and request a written quote with HISD pricing for the specific items you would like.
Items Not Allowed
What can I buy?
What is a quote?
Now What?
Brainstorm Ideas
Meet with your team to devise a plan
Contact your district program specialist for more information.
He/She can schedule a meeting to answer more questions
It is helpful to compile your questions and email them prior to meeting.

are intended to be used up and then replaced. Examples include paper ink, CO2 cartridges, replacement batteries, toner, and replacement printer cartridges.
Example: If printers are purchased with Perkins funds your campus will be responsible for purchasing any toner and paper or any other consumables that may go along with your equipment.
Vehicles and trailers
Construction, renovation, or remodeling of facilities.
Ex. wiring or installations.

Procurement List of Approved Vendors
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