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Manorial System

An explanation of the Manorial System. The importance it had and why it is significant now

Markus Ekman

on 10 September 2010

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Transcript of Manorial System

Manorial System Importance Significance Economic system where a landlord rented out parts of his land to farmers who in return gave a portion of their crops to the lord and chores around the manor. The Pesants payed taxes in exchange for protection against enemies It is a very isolated community since everything that can be made is usually made by the pesants It was a bond between the landlord and the pesants. built partially on trust between the lord and the pesants. For the pesants it was that the lord would protect them if invaders tried to raid them. For the lord it was that the pesants would stick to their part of the deal and give a part of the crops to the lord.
Manorial system was related to feudalism Now a video
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