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Maximizing the Learning Environment

No description

jo skinner

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Maximizing the Learning Environment

Maximizing the Learning Environment
Keep it Fresh!
Keep your room dynamic by changing a display or the layout. Students are more likely to notice things around them.
Celebrate student achievement by having a department success board.
Create your display around a theme. Think about what will get the students attention?!
...and it's not just about the walls.
Learning environments can have a positive impact on engagement, behaviour, learning and ultimately progress.
Embed the use of displays in lessons
Get inspiration
Get the students involved!
Could you develop a series of lessons with a tangible outcome?
Functional or Forget it!
What is the purpose of your display?

Students are more likely to develop a sense of ownership if they are involved in the process.
It's not just about having pretty displays.
J.K. Rowling; Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Ensure the delivery is engaging - consider the use of
Usually the more it
the better.
Remember your classroom environment sets the tone for your lesson. It's an opportunity to share your creativity and passion.
Keep Calm and
Get Help!
Selfie Wall!
Make it cool...
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