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Republic of Ireland 1949-89

No description

shane kenny

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Republic of Ireland 1949-89

Politics and administration Republic of Ireland 1949-1989 choose one area to focus on
Politics and administration
society and economy
Culture, religion and science
Key personalities L.C. History 2013 Republic of Ireland 1949-89

Northern Ireland 1949- 93

European Retreat from the Empire and
the aftermath 1945-1990

U.S.A. and the world, 1945-1989 society and economy Demographic change

Social change - status of women, housing, schools and amenities

Economic change and its social consequences; the impact of EEC membership

case study: Impact of the EEC on fisheries Culture, religion and science changing attitudes to the Irish language and culture
the impact of television
the impact of Vatican II
the impact of the comminication revolution

Case study: the impact of RTE 1962-72 Key personalities Archbishop John Charles McQuaid
Sylvia Meehan
TK Whittaker
Sean Lemass
Jack Lynch
Charles Haughey
Garrett Fitzgerald
Mary Robinson
Breandan OhEithir
Gay Byrne Republic of Ireland
1949-89 Course revison alternating Governments and their economic and Social policies 1948-59

changes in education, health and social welfare provision

Economic and social changes if the 1970s and 80s

Anglo Irish relations 1949-89

Increasing international involvement - the UN and the EEC
case study: The first programme of economic expansion: 1958-63 Question from mocks; Q2. What was the imapact of the First Programme for Economic Expansion, 1958-1963, on Ireland Question from Mocks; Q1. What was the impact of successive Irish Governments on the international scene during the period 1949-89 Question from the mocks; Q3. What were the main social changes that took place in Ireland during the period 1949-89 Question from the Mocks; Q4. What did one or more of the following contribute to Irish society during the period 1949-89: Archbishop J.C. McQuaid, Sylvia Meehan, Brendan ÓhEithir
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