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Music History Timeline 1900-Present Day

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Octavia Sutton

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Music History Timeline 1900-Present Day

1900-2013 Music History Timelime Music in this decade was still very classical in its style.
Music hall performance was very popular it's root can be traced back to the early saloon bars in the USA. 1900-1909 The 1920-1929 THE BIRTH OF JAZZ The first sign that black people in America were starting to find their own sound. The Blues Movement The second world war ended in 1945.
It was swing that drove the fusion of jazz and blues forward.
The first atomic bomb was made and deployed.
The world changed. 1940-1949 Popular music exploded.
TV advertising became more popular 1950-1959 Patti Page she sold over 100 million records in the USA 1960-1969 Music has become more political.
Beatle mania swept across the world Liverpool and the UK finally dominated the music charts in the USA.
America declares war on Vietnam.
A time for peace and love and Woodstock.
Black people gained power.
Poetic songwriting became popular with an anti establishment movement 1970-1979 Disco style became worldwide.
Warner Bros. had its first major hit with the sensational The Exorcist, an originally X-rated film that encouraged the trend for big-budget horror films. 1980-1989 1990-1999 2000-2009 2010-Present 1910-1919 1930-1939 The first movie stunt a man jumped into the Hudson River from a burning balloon.
Credits began to appear at the beginning of motion pictures.
History of Film and the Motion Picture. The First Music CDs Pressed in the United States
The CD-ROM is Introduced
The First PostScript Type Font: "Sonata" for Musical Notation The Rolling Stones Present the First "Cyberspace Multicast Concert."
The First Internet Only Broadcast of a Live Band.
DVDs and MP3's are Introduced.
Napster is Founded. The First Collaborative Online Orchestra
Using YouTube Videos to Study the Origins of Music in Societies
The Death of Michael Jackson Impacts the Internet
File-Sharing Exceeds Sales of Digital Music Downloads
The Biggest Music Retailer in the World: Apple's iTune Store
Over One Billion iTunes Downloads The First Recording of Ancient Asian Melodies
The First Independently Published Magazine Exclusively for the iPad
Universal Music Group Donates a "Mile of Music" to the Library of Congress
The First Major Print Magazine Publisher to Offer iPad Subscriptions
Steve Jobs Dies The Hammond Electric Organ
The First Practical Tape Recorder Conclusion:
Music has changed over the decades. The artists that have deceased made a big impact on their listeners also.
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