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My Professional Path in Educational Technology

Created for EdD Cohort, EDG 6226, Fall 2012, University of Florida

Jessica L

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of My Professional Path in Educational Technology

Jessica Levene My Professional Path in Educational Technology The following diagrams represent my past experiences that drive my desire to pursue doctoral study.

Throughout my professional experiences, I have walked many footsteps in diverse settings. It is the culmination of these steps that have inspired my career goals. Reflections on my past experiences All of my professional steps have lead me to the present...

The following diagram represents my growth as an adult learner in a doctoral program and personal reflections as an educational technology. Reflecting on the Present Area of Specialization By completing this degree, I hope to... Looking towards the future:
Goals for my doctoral journey A look at the past Pivotal experiences Key Influences Academic Experience Bachelor of Science Elementary Education Master of Arts
Instructional Technology eLearning Dual-enrolled: Simultaneously earned AA & HS diploma As a driven and hardworking student, my 8th grade teacher told me, "You need to accept you will never achieve ALL of your goals."

This not only motivated me to achieve my own goals; but also inspired me to become a role model in the future who encourages students to succeed. I experienced didactic, teacher-centered instruction and watched my brother, who was tested as gifted student struggle because a lack of interest in lessons.

I felt inspired and driven to find ways to make learning (and teaching) more engaging and relevant. Dr. Thompson and Dr. Atkinson at UCF fueled my passion for ed tech by introducing me to SecondLife, mobile learning, and Twitter.

This inspired my instructional design projects: Teaching at a Title I school provided me with opportunities to make a positive difference in students' lives teaching the AVID program.

I integrated blogs and wikis for social-collaboration in 7th grade curriculum. Wrote and received a grant for "clickers."

http://finalprojecteme6417.pbworks.com Masters program was 100% online. I was comfortable with online format; however, I was skeptical of collaborative group projects until I worked on two authentic, project-based assignments.

This sparked my interest in online learning and collaborative environments. www.wix.com/jlevene/the-write-resources

http://mslevenedigitalproject.pbworks.com President of Kappa Delta Pi, education honor society that provided me the opportunity to volunteer in local public schools. www.kdp.org www.aect.org Throughout my Masters program, I developed my instructional design and online learning knowledge. I also joined AECT to begin receiving Ed Tech journals. Past
Professional Experiences Higher education

Experience at UCF Teaching & Instructional Design Experience District Office Learning Technologies Specialist Key experiences

Systemic change requires well-planned process

Developed passion for blended learning, specifically PD for teachers

Developed a passion for collaborative environments Presenting Experience Writing Consultant - http://uwc.ucf.edu/

worked with undergraduate and graduate students in both online and face-to-face formats to facilitate the writing process for course papers, Master’s theses, resumes, and cover letters.

published articles for the Writers Needs Readers online and print newsletter

provided training to UWC writing consultants on how to use Adobe Connect for virtual collaboration and professional development Faculty Technology Support

support to faculty in UCF’s College of Education to integrate technology and/or deliver content via the Blackboard Learning Management System
Provide support for faculty using Adobe Connect for virtual classrooms.

Webinars are located here: http://connect.rc.ucf.edu/microteach4instructors & http://connect.rc.ucf.edu/microteach4students Teaching Facilitator for undergraduate blended courses

collaborated with faculty to prepare activities for mixed-mode undergraduate education courses
utilized Adobe Connect to broadcast courses between campuses
This fueled my passion for integrating the use of interactive back-channel discussions for student engagement and virtual communication/collaboration 7th grade Language Arts, Reading, AVID

Integrated wikis and blog
Maintained school website in Blackboard
Attended FETC Achievements As I successfully integrated authentic, project-based learning in the classroom using technology as a learning tool, my passion for effecting large-scale change grew. www.avid.org Key experiences:

Books Become Movies: Technology Book Report Alternative : As an authentic project integrating technology and relevance, students assumed the role of a movie producer and analyzed key events/conflicts from the novel to select current pop-culture music to match events and actors to “hire” as characters for their movie-version of the novel.

Digital avatar summaries using Voki First-Person Blogs: As a relevant, authentic assessment, students assumed the role of one character from the class novel and practiced summarizing and making inferences by blogging in the first-person after each chapter www.kidblog.org UCF Rising Star Award Reading Teacher of the Year FUTURES First Year Teacher of the Year During this time, I also worked as an instructional designer. This experience in the corporate sector provided a unique perspective. After 2 years of teaching, I transitioned to a Specialist position (and later to a Manager position).

This experience has completely transformed and sparked my interest in the field of ed tech. Developed and implemented Bring Your Own Technology & iPad/iPod Touch deployment

Virtual training/professional development

Virtual collaborative Personal Learning Network in Edmodo

Department blog/wiki: http://vcsb.us/learntech 2011
Invited closing speaker. iTeach in the digital generation: Blogging through a wiki-dly awesome first year. HAPPY (Having Active Participation Prepares You) Hour Student Showcase.

Levene, J. (2011, April 20). Celebrating teaching in the 21st century. Phi Delta Kappa, Volusia County Induction Ceremony, LPGA, Daytona Beach, FL.


Invited panel memer. Reflections from mobile implementation: Mobile case studies panel discussion. FETC Summit, Orlando, FL.

Invited keynote speaker. Edmodo in Volusia County Schools: A district’s perspective. EdmodoCon at Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC), Orlando, FL.

Education: There’s an app for that! Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC). Orlando, FL. In addition to many district presentations and facilitated workshops, I became involved conferences. Presented at my first conference

The power of PowerPoint: Using multimedia as a motivational writing tool in the K-6 classroom. Concurrent session held at the 11th Annual Literacy Symposium at UCF, Orlando, FL

http://education.ucf.edu/LitSymposium/presentations.cfm http://education.ucf.edu/happyhour/docs/2011HAPPYHourStudentShowcaseProgram.pdf Current career experiences and responsibilities Who am I as an adult learner? Current career responsibilities What recent life events or transitions have been important? Learning Habits Visionary Learning preferences Self-directed


Passionate for seeking new knowledge (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr My intrinsic motivation for learning derives from enjoying the challenge of applying research, philosophy, and theories to lead large-scale educational initiatives and reforms. Collaborative, group projects caused me anxiety throughout undergraduate studies; however, throughout my graduate and professional career, I prefer and seek collaborative learning environments. Attend and present at conferences Develop PLN in Twitter to curate resources Who am I as a learner? What causes anxiety in learning? Prescribed expectations/too much structure

Time limitations

Lecture-driven instruction Online environment

Collaborative learning opportunities

Visual learner

Prefer written learning artifacts One of my strengths that applies to my doctoral studies is that I begin with the end in mind.

I strive to stay current in ed tech trends and technology to develop long-term goals, but I never lose sight of the details it will take to achieve the goals. Covey, S.R. (1989). Th 7 habits of highly effective people: Powerful lessons in personal change. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster. Lifelong learner

Self-reflect every day

Organize and connect new knowledge The more experience I gain, the more I realize learning is personalized and never-ending. Transition from classroom to district-level

Large-scale implementation

Managing a team Working within parameters (budget, policies, state mandates)

Sustain educational technology initiatives

Bridge gap between technical support, infrastructure, and curriculum uses of iPads, BYOT, clickers, other mobile devices

Collaborative efforts with other district ed tech leaders - we all experience the same challenges

Focus on large-scale professional development

Support development of district Online Learning school (LMS, instructional design, etc.) Growing into the learner I am today by branching out... Manager of
Learning Technologies & Help Desk Mobile learning Online and blended learning Instructional design In 2011, I initiated the first Bring Your Own Technology pilot with 7 schools. Prior to this, our district did not allow students to bring cell phones or other mobile devices in the classroom.

We have developed the BYOT Program that will phase in all of our 65+ sites through an application process. Based on anecdotal research and evaluation during the pilot program, we have developed success metrics and procedures that we plan to use within the next few years.

My particular interest is in the success metrics related to mobile learning. The emphasis of the BYOT program is NOT on the devices, but rather on the pedagogical, student-centered approach through a strategic professional development plan. http://www.news-journalonline.com/article/20120831/ENT/308319265 http://www.news-journalonline.com/article/20120829/NEWS/308289955?p=2&tc=pg http://thejournal.com/microsites/2012/sonicwall_12a/home.aspx CHECK OUT THESE ARTICLES FOR MORE INFORMATION: Online learning has always played a major role in my life. I completed a course from FLVS in high school and completed a Masters degree that was 100% online at UCF. My particular interest in online and blended learning is not in how it is cost-effective for institutions, but rather how this format can facilitate student-centered learning an build information-rich, collaborative communities.

I am very interested in faculty perspectives and how to sustain ed tech initiatives through personalized, relevant professional development. If I had to describe a theme to all of my interests and areas of specialization, it would be building collaborative groups using technology in both adult learning environments (such as blended and online learning models for professional development for educators or higher education faculty) and building these types of environments with K12 and higher ed students.

In my current position, I have thoroughly enjoyed building a professional learning network (PLN) throughout our district to support ed tech initiatives using Edmodo. Facilitating online, personalized, asynchronous and synchronous professional development has allowed our department to provide more support for teachers. I also serve as the liaison/consultant between the technology department and our online school, allowing me the opportunity to provide professional development for online teachers. Throughout my teaching career, I informally applied instructional design processes when developing lessons to facilitate learning. The emphasis of my Masters degree was instructional design from the ADDIE process as an instructional designer. I had extensive authentic learning experiences focused on project management, statements of work (SOWs), and request for training proposals (RFPs).

It was my work as an instructional designer in a corporate environment that allowed me to reflect on how similar (and critical) instructional design is in various contexts.

I believe instructional design will always be an area of specialization for me because systematically analyzing learner needs, context, and developing instructional activities applies to any context where learning takes place. I am interested in how instructional design processes can be applied to various contexts. Within 1-2 years... Within 5 years Within 3-4 years... Become an expert in a specific area of educational technology
Research areas in educational technology so I have content to share and apply in my current context and also so I have content I can present and publish
Expand my professional learning network by collaborating and learning about my cohort's diverse interest areas
Challenge my existing knowledge and step beyond my comfort zone
Transition to a director-level role in curriculum/educational technology and/or possibly look at other avenues, such as opening a charter school Present to a state or national conference Publish a journal article Become a board member of Florida organization for ed tech leaders Build my Twitter network Refine my research skills Identify specific area of specialization Present at a conference Complete doctoral program Begin dissertation Publish journal article Possible jobs.... Director of Educational Technology
K12 School District or Higher Education Job description:
Establishing, in collaboration with senior staff, strategic direction of organizational educational technology resources, from assessing existing resources, to recommending new initiatives
Managing the development of technology-related learning tools, including mobile learning, blended learning, social collaboration, project-based learning
Managing the development of technology-related professional development, including both synchronous and asynchronous
Ensuring the continued quality of existing educational technology resources and evaluating current educational technology initiatives
Plan, direct, and coordinate learning objectives and instructional strategies; including developing the best methodologies for training delivery (i.e. web-based, classroom, etc.).
Manage, coach, mentor and develop a high performance team. Cultivate a team environment, lead and develop staff to enhance skills, knowledge and abilities. Director/Coordinator of Online/Blended Learning
K12 or Higher Education Job Description:
Leveraging research to create the next generation of high-impact learning environments in online and blended formats
Assuring adherence with current online learning standards
Remaining current in the field of online teaching and learning, looking for opportunities to pilot, then implement new developments that will enhance the teaching and learning environment
Manage team of instructional designers and developers
Work strategically with stakeholders: students, faculty, program managers, directors, deans, and program support staff
Locating, reviewing and assessing materials for online / hybrid delivery
Monitoring quality and function of learning and course management system and support software.
Managing projects and budgets
Coaching faculty on the use LMS for online and blended courses, and demonstrating additional features that can be added to courses to enhance student-to-faculty and student-to-student interactivity, collaboration and communication.
Participating in faculty development workshops and grant/research projects as needed. Continue presenting
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