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Civil war soldier rations

No description

Josue Cortez

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Civil war soldier rations

By: Josue Cortez
Civil War Soldier Rations
How the civil war soldiers got their food is that they got in a line and one by one they got their food.
What the Union and the Confederate
They ate hard crackers
made of flour, salt, and water
They also ate meat made of Salted pork, bacon,or beef soaked with potassium nitrate(saltpeter)
they ate meat made of Salted beef or bacon soaked with potassium nitrate (saltpeter)
Cornmeal is made of beef and cornmeal fried with bacon grease
also some of their food had worms in them
Also some of their food had worms in them
Things they ate are dried peas, meat, Molasses, Coffee or tea, Sugar, Peanuts, and Fresh vegetables
Things they ate are Flour, Cornmeal, Molasses, Salt and pepper, Coffee or tea, Suger, milk, dried beans or peas, Rice or hominy, and Desiccated vegetables
About the hardtack
What kind of food did the Union and the Confederate eat?
Some cons are that some of the soldiers food have worms in them
Also if they are in a different state they have to eat what ever they can find
If they are in another state they die because they don't eat for weeks or months
they don't really get to eat a lot
Cons about the civil wars rations
Class question
Would you like to eat or try the civil wars food?
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