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Notes for Chapter 11 Section 1

Read all of these notes and be sure to click on both movie links.

Jennifer Huber

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Notes for Chapter 11 Section 1

Mountain Men Fur traders and trappers

First easterners to explore west of the
Rocky Mountains and beyond.

For survival, they often
adopted Native American customs
adopted native American clothing
married native American women

Frequent trips in and out of the mountains
were very expensive - so they did it only once per year.

This was called a rendezvous .(ron - de-voo)

Trappers, including Native Americans, and buyers would meet to do business Americans Move West People were moving beyond the boundaries of the U.S.
canoe, flatboat, horseback, wagon train Section 1 The American West attracted a variety of settlers. $$$$$$ Russia once claimed
this area
So did Britain
and the U.S. The Change By 1840's fashions had changed and many animals had been over hunted. Fur trapping was becoming a thing of the past. Life on the Trails Took 6 months to travel the whole trail
It was very expensive
$600 for a family of 4. Consider the average daily wage at the time was $1.50 Chapter 11 Notes Expanding West Trails to the West Why? All because of a hat! A very popular fashion trend, the high hat, was made of water repellent beaver fur. Fur trappers began over hunting beaver Who made an absolute fortune from this? John Jacob Astor and his company, the American Fur Company How did he get his furs? He bought them from mountain men Spain had claims
to this one American couldn't make
a lot of money, if there
were other nations hanging
out where they were doing
business. Solution: Make a bunch of treaties with those countries so the U.S. could take over the land or at least have access to it. But that is not all for the West!!! Farmers and other settlers saw the West as a land of opportunity - so they went-> Westward HO! Settlers followed a 2000 mile long Oregon Trail. It began in Independence, MO or Council Bluffs, IA - whichever you were closer to, and stretched west following rivers.

Just over the Rockies, it forked. If you were headed north, you took the fork that took you to Oregon. If you were headed south, you took the fork to California. Haven't you ever played Oregon Trail??? Someone actually made a fake movie trailer based on the game. HILARIOUS! Most walked to save the strength
of their animals. And they walked from sun up to sundown. Shortages of food, supplies, & water.
Bad weather, rough terrain, flooding.
Many Native Americans helped in the beginning, but towards the end, there were more instances of Native American attacks on the wagon trains. The Santa Fe Trail This trail headed south from Independence, MO to Santa Fe, NM.

Began as a trading route to the newly acquired areas in the Southwest

Went through the deserts and mountains

Very profitable The Mormons A religious group that became the largest group to move west.

Led by Joseph Smith. He told his followers he had found golden tablets that they would not be able to see, but he translated them and this translation is known as the Book of Mormon Attracted many followers and a lot of persecutors. Their beliefs were "odd". In the beginning of this Church, a man was allowed to have multiple wives...this is no longer the case in the main sect of this Church.
Began in New York, forced to leave. Moved to Nauvoo, IL where Joseph Smith was killed, so they left. Brigham Young became the new leader and led the group westward to Utah. Click below to see short clip
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