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Learning Innovation Fund Project

No description

Derek Molloy

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Learning Innovation Fund Project

Learning Innovation Fund Presentation Note:
- DCU has educational pricing with HEA for these packages The Kits Arduino Google Tools: Enabling Independent Learning Experiments School of Electronic Engineering, DCU Dr. Derek Molloy Acknowledgements:
Learning Innovation Fund
Billy Roarty, Technical Officer
Noel Murphy & School Introductory Digital and Analogue Electronics
First semester - 5 credits
Engineering and Physics students
63 registered students (inc. Exchange) About EE223 Module Provide a set of practical
'real' electronics experiments that
students can perform off campus
using a standard kit of tools and
electronic components Engagement with the EE223 Course Materials The Idea... Google Sites Content Creation Google Analytics YouTube Adobe CS5 Production Premium
Adobe Premiere (supports AVCHD)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator Difficulties with post production:
- Tools are complex
- Video Compression Settings for YouTube
- High-performance machine required
for HD video editing About YouTube:
Supports Full High Definition Content (up to 1080p)
Unlimited number of videos per account
Limited to 15 minutes (was 10 then 12mins (July 2010))
2GB File Limit (many formats) - advanced upload >2GB
Revenue Stream on/off
Video Access - can be public, private (limited) and limited link General Problems with YouTube
Comments can be very offensive!
The Guardian (2009) described YouTube Comments as: "Juvenile, aggressive, misspelled, sexist, homophobic, swinging from raging at the contents of a video to providing a pointlessly detailed description followed by a LOL, YouTube comments are a hotbed of infantile debate and unashamed ignorance – with the occasional burst of wit shining through"
However, we can moderate comments! Most Viewed User Created Video: "Charlie bit my finger" 289,733,330 Views Most Viewed Video - Justin Bieber 485,088,834 views YouTube and DCU?
Low Cost (even avoid advertisements)
Searchable Archive of Content
External Visibility - Good/Bad?
Could create a DCU channel
Very good Insight tools Technical Part - Upload Settings:
Very difficult to determine
Must use H.264 (i.e. MPG4)
Must use NTSC 1270 x 720 pixels
Must be 24 Frames per Second
VBR Encoding, 6Mbps min 9MBps max
Audio AAC 44.1kHz
Typical file size 500MB for 10mins Open-source Hardware Feedback And Results The Experiments Project Results Conclusions Survey Monkey for feedback General Idea of using a kit: Interesting Feedback: Student Feedback: “…use of the kit was very good experience…” “…. I think the kits are a good idea, to allow us the freedom to get to know the equipment in our wn time…” “…the kits are a fantastic idea but need to become a larger part of the course they have huge potential we barely tipped on, how exactly sadly i have no ideas on…” “…The kits were probably the best part of the module. I like to have a hands-on project outside of class/lab time especially since no other module provides this. Extending it to cover analogue would be a great idea. Even extending it to cover our circuits module (at the discretion of the other lecturer of course!) would be a good idea also. You could give the option of buying the kits. I can't think how else you could improve the module…” “…The good thing is that learning on your own is encouraged through the kits, but sometimes the kits didn't have the exact same components as your videos showed so some creativity was needed.” “…The kits are excellent. Labs are too difficult and there need to be more lab instructors to help everyone. Maybe you should do more labs where you have to prepare for them in advance like the counter lab. This helps people to understand the material for the lab and also makes use of the kit…” “I enjoyed the digital half of EE223, it was probably one of the most interesting classes I've had yet. I really enjoyed using the kits and got a great sense of achievement from getting the counter working in the last lab…” “It was brilliant. It was very clearly explained. Derek went out of his way to ensure that the students understood…” “…. The kits were a great idea but contained way too many parts for the experiments we were required to carry out. I was afraid of losing parts constantly! ...” “I would strongly recommend putting in some shorter wires into the kit to prevent the circuits getting too messy…” “...The kits greatly helped in learning the material as you were able to try out in practice what was being learnt in theory. maybe having more small labs that would be done at home with the kits every week or when every topic was done, would be covered would help students get a grasp of the material early on” “Implement the full use of the kits using all of the components over the course of the module…” “I found the kits had too many pieces of equipment that I just worried about losing. There is no point in putting it in if it isn't going to be used…” “… The kit was extremely helpful in reinforcing the theory.” Electronics Videos:
- Approx. 10,000 views of EE223 videos
- 8 Experiments (so far)

Other Electronics Videos:
- 1,670 videos on 555 Timer
- Top video: "555 Timer Chip Tutorial"
- 184,464 hits - 3yrs old. YouTube and Education:
YouTube EDU:
Any institution can join.
Most US institutions present
Very like iTunes U
Khan Academy (khanacademy.org)
Not-for-profit... set up by Salman Khan.
2,100 Videos.
44M Views on YouTube.
Arithmetic, Math, Physics, Finance, Biology...
Using High-Definition Camera (1080 lines)
Using HDD Functionality - mount as drive
Camera supports AVCHD format Video Post Production Video Production Difficulties with recording:
- All recordings performed upside-down
- Lighting for experiments - avoid shadows
- Bright, but need to see LEDs
- Tried external sound (synchronization)
- Management of video segments
- Cleanliness Photograph of setup Adobe Premiere in action advanced video coding high definition Electronics increasingly virtual and abstract
Students lack engagement with the materials
Real-world knowledge gaps The Problem Using a Creative Commons textbook
Using a Creative Commons tutorial set
Camtasia recordings of lectures Current Innovation Vital to students' learning experiences
One-to-one lecturer/demonstrator support
Constrained (time, duration, location, activity...)
Often overly prescribed with assessment reqd. Laboratories Laboratories perfect for this! foster innovation and creativity
flexible provision... online and distance learning
introduce wider range of assessments
wide range of learning outcomes
deepen range and quality of learning outcomes
Need New Tools "Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments." www.arduino.cc Sense its environment (temperature, light etc.)
Control lights, motors, actuators
Connected to Internet (using shield)
Built by hand, purchased (~€15)
Programmed - language like C/C++/Java Can: The kits:
Cost approx €100 each
Supported by LIF Project
Lend to students
Replenish at no cost to students
Helped by INTRA student Problems:
Many thousand components
Sourcing & Ordering
Payments What next?
Students need support materials (training, datasheets etc.)
Design of independent-learning experiments
Experiments needed to be aligned with course notes
24/7 availability of materials x65 Total Cost: €7,500 Google Analytics:
Insight into how students engage with materials (as a group)
Students clearly assessment driven
Experiments allowed work to continue even with university closure

Advantages of use of kits:
Feedback Positive
Examination Performance
Experiments allowed work to continue
even with university closure
For strong students, fostered creativity and innovation
Students were responsible with kits Disadvantages of kits:
Overhead high
Support requirements high
Handling deposits onerous and difficult Advantages of Google Tools:
Ease of use, particularly Google Sites
24/7 Availability
World exposure? For DCU?
Amazing Insight into usage
Can share ownership of content.
Disadvantages of new technologies:
World exposure? For DCU?
Encourage public availability
Video coding formats difficult to determine About Google Sites:
Build a website easily using templates
No HTML editor needed - edit in browser
Site can have many owners
Support for YouTube, Analytics and many, many plugins/gadgets
Fully integrated with Google Documents
Advanced: Visualization, App Engine, Forms etc. But first: A lot of video data! Need to attach
associated materials! Google Tools Independent Learning
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