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the similarities and differences of diffusion and osmosis

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shelby latham

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of the similarities and differences of diffusion and osmosis

the similarities and differences of diffusion and osmosis
by:Shelby Latham

differences: the differences between osmosis and diffusion it that diffusion refers to the movement of any chemical from one place to another, whereas osmosis exclusively refers to the movement of water across a membrane. also diffusion is the movement of molecules (solute or particles). osmosis is the movement of water molecules.
similarities: the similarities in osmosis and diffusion is that they both equalize the concentration of two solutions into a membrane. they both work together to move water molecules from a area of high concentration to a area of low concentration.
osmosis is the diffusion of a solvent (usually water molecules) through a semipermeable membrane from an area of low solute concentration to an area of high solute concentration
diffusion: diffusion is the main method by which small molecules move across the cell membrane. this is the process of which molecules move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration
video on osmosis
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