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Tianyu Lu

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Ports

Types of Ports
How it works
Serial Ports
Can have 9 or 15 Pins
Use is in decline
Purpose of Pins
Carrier Detect
Determines if the modem is connected to a working phone line
Receive Data
Computer receives data from the modem
Transmit Data
Computer sends information to the modem
Data Terminal Ready
Computer tells the modem that it's ready to talk
Signal Ground
Pin is grounded
Ring Indicator
Once a call has been placed, the computer acknowledges signal (sent from modem) that a ring is been detected
Clear to Send
Modem tells the computer that it can send information
Request to Send
Computer asks the modem if it can send information
Data Set Ready
Modem tells the computer that it’s ready to talk
By: Tianyu Lu, Frederick Ngo, Jeffery Tan,
and Khari Thomas

Serial Port

VGA Port

USB Port

Parallel Port

Power Connector

Firewire Port

LAN Port

Game Port

DVI Port

Audio Ports
A port serves as an interface between a computer and any separate electronic device, whether that be another computer or a camera.

Ports usually appear in the form of metal sockets and metal plugs (male and female, respectively). Data is usually transferred using pins or wire flats.
Ports Quiz
How many pins does a serial port have (usually)?
A serial port normally has 25 or 9 pins
Name 5 types of ports
There are:
Serial Ports
VGA Ports
USB Ports
Parallel Ports
Game Ports
Power Connectors
Firewire Ports
LAN Ports
DVI Ports
Audio Ports
Explain "Flow Control"
How many devices can be connected to one computer using USB?
Interrupt, Bulk, Isochronous
Printer Port
PC Card
The Wiring
Up to 127
USB 2.0 operates at ______ milliamps at _____ volts.
a) 400, 10
b) 450, 10
c) 400, 5
d) 500, 5
e) 500, 10
Binary, Bits, and Bytes
d) 500, 5
Binary uses base-2 system
Bits are like placeholders
Serial ports use 8 bit binary code
i.e. 1=00000001
8 bits make a byte
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