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The New Transit

No description

Andy Nicol

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of The New Transit

Who Are We?
Andy Nicol, AICP - TranSystems Corporation
What's the Problem?
Transit service works well in dense urban areas
Dispersed Origins & Destinations
Longer Trip Lengths
Difficult Access to Transit

The New Transit...
No Fixed Routes
No Schedules
Point-to-Point Access
On Demand
Real-Time Scheduling
Smart Technology
What is it Again?
The New Transit
Flexible Bus Service in Suburban Communities
Randy Farwell - Nelson\Nygaard
Transit does not work as well in suburban areas
Trip Distribution in a Suburban Community
Results In...
Long Routes / Travel Times
Lengthy Headways
Limited Transit Availability
Increased Vehicle Hours
Lower Ridership Per Mile & Hour
High Operating Costs
Flexible Transit
Cost Savings
What are the Benefits?
Enhanced Transit Service
Stations serve activity centers ("front door")

Smaller vehicles

Easier to navigate neighborhoods

Mobility and access is better than fixed route
Late 1990s
2000s - Today
Future - New Transit
OmniLink Flexroute
Point Deviation
Schedule Service at Bus Stops
Service by Deviation Request
Two Hour Request Window
Phone Access
Checkpoint Services
Vehicles roam a designated area and check
in at scheduled stops
Flexible Services
Common in the US and Internationally

Call Ahead for Pick Up ("Dial-a-Ride")

Fixed and Requested Pick Up Points

The Flexible Bus
No Routes
No Schedules
Real-Time Dynamically Routed Service
Requested by the Rider
Made Possible by Technology
Late 1990s
2000s - Today
The Future - The New Transit
Transit When You Want It
Coming Soon to Central Florida!
26 Proposed Stations
Only requires vehicles as needed

Predictable demand over time

Fewer required revenue hours

Lower operating cost per rider vs. fixed route

ADA accessible

Additional paratransit may not be needed

Easily adjusted stops and service parameters

the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty.

"the bus stop and pick up times are convenient "
Andy Nicol
Thank You.
Randy Farwell
Proposed FlexBus Stop Location
Existing Bus Stop
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