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De bubble laundry

No description

nurul haafizah

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of De bubble laundry

Our Company

De'Bubble Laundry Policy
working hours for weekdays = 9am - 10pm
working hours for weekend = 9am - 3pm
pick up and drop off point only from Thursday until Sundays
Guarantee clean and neatly folded clothes done in 3 days
Uses only environmental friendly detergents that are delicate on clothes
Customers laundry are washed separately
Those registered members will receive a membership card and entitled for the benefits as agreed in the terms and conditions.
Goals and objective
Industry Analysis
solution is...
De Bubble Laundry service
Being the most reknown laundry in Shah Alam - Selangor - Malaysia
spreading the awareness of protecting our mother Earths.
Offers not only washing clothes,dry cleaning, ironing, streaming, and clothes folding but also lint removing, bleaching, and minor alteration upon requested.
guarantee that laundry will be send within three days directly to your home.
systematic online website that facilitates customer orders, detail of delivery schedule, price list and mode of payment.
future industry analysis and economic trends
De bubble laundry planning to open more branches and expending their market.
once conquered Selangor, we plan to start bigger market that is nationwide
transforming franchisor as business grows larger
focusing more on housing neighborhood of student and workers.
Market Analysis
SWOT Analysis
we use the environmental friendly detergent that will delicate on clothes.
we choose strategic place for customer which is Pusat Komersial Seksyen 7 in area of Shah Alam.
we accept various mode of payment by cash, via online and cash deposit to make it convenience to the customer.
we provide more benefits to loyal customers that come to us regularly.
we provide quick and convenient service in order to save customer's time
The price that we offered to customer is rather expensive for low household's income.
Non membership customers receive less benefits than the member's card holder.
We are the pioneer that provides door-to-door laundry service in Selangor
Expenditure on expensive clothing is increasing therefore the demand for taking care of clothes also increase.
we promote laundry with green technology that is rarely used by the laundry owners.
our business is located in the residential area which it is easy for customer to reach us.
people tend to spend more time leisure activities rather than doing the house work
Our competitor delivered their service 24hours.
The price that we provide to our customer is different according to customer's loyalty as compared to our competitors.
If the business is successful, there will be new potential competitors who delivered the same kind of service.
Competitor Analysis
Clean Pro Express

Providing totally self service laundry for 24 hours
Have regular customers
Convenience Premises with free Wi-Fi connection.
Price Slightly high
Limited machine provided
Have a lot experience in this industry
Providing traditional dry-off and drop-off service
Strategic location
High price
Service are quite slow
Pink Fresh Dobi
providing coin machines
operates self service 24 hours
wi-fi free connection to their customers
not enough worker to give help if there any problem to their machines.
De Bubble Laundry
Providing door to door laundry services
Using Green technology by providing De Bubble bag, basket, hanger and etc.
Saving cost and time of customers for drop-off their clothes
providing pick-up and delivery service for customers.
Lack of experience
Difficult to get trust from customer because still new.
Target Market
Full time employee?


Reducing their burden in daily chores at home
Shah Alam area
aim to deliver our service offering to residents nearby and extending the market for nearby town in future
Market Segmentation
Loyalty of customer
Loyal Customer
offer to become a member
membership card, De Bubble basket, De Bubble hanger.
Free delivery and pickup
normal customer
De Bubble bag when first time came in.
Free one loads after 20 loads
Customer Demography
we target our customer based on their lifestyle, where we focus on Shah Alam resident that is full time employee for private or government sectors and also student IPT.
Marketing Mix
Dry Cleaning
Hand/Machine wash
Clothes Folding
Lint removing
Minor alteration
Door to door delivery
Return Policy
Hand wash
Machine wash
Dry cleaning
Clothes folding
Lint removing
Minor alterations
Delivery Fee
-Rm 5 per piece
-Rm 10 per 10kg
-Rm 12
-Rm 1.00 per piece
-Rm 0.50 per piece
-Rm 2.00 per piece
-Rm 1.00 per piece
-Rm 0.80 per piece
-Rm 10 per piece
-Rm 10
We choose this place as it is:
reachable by the residents of Shah Alam
Near Universities, government, and private sector company
Hold a grand opening ceremony
putting a signage nearby and in front of the shop
Year end sales
Price reductions once a month
festive seasons or special days promotion
distribution of pamphlet, business card, and flyers
Membership offer
Membership offer
free delivery charge
De Bubble Basket
De Bubble hanger
Membership card
Membership annual fee
- Rm 100 (1st Year)
- Rm 75 (subsequent Year)
Management Summary
List of personnel
Financial Plan
Schedule of Remuneration
Contribution of Capital
Financial Plan
Pro Forma Income Statement
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