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Amy Swanson

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Monday

Anticipation Guide
We will use the "Table For!" method to discuss each of these ideas. First, respond by agreeing or disagreeing with each of the statements. Next, I will call out "Statement One, table for four!" and you will stand and group yourself with three others and discuss the statement. You will have two minutes for each discussion. Each time I call out "Table for!" the number of people will be different. It is your job to ensure that you are not talking with the same people at each "table." So, each time you form a group, it should include no more than one person you've already talked with. It's a challenge.. I know!
November 17, 2014
Do Now
Take out your independent reading book and read silently for 15 minutes.
Article of the Week
"Ebola Flap"
Flipped Quickwrite
Point of View
Stories and Animotos
Presenting our Detective Stories
At the conclusion of our reading, we'll do a little do now "exercise".
IN order to begin thinking about Point of view and how it changes the way narratives flow, today you'll tell a short story from two different perspectives. In the journal section of your binder, write silently for ten minutes. Try to tell the same story from two different viewpoints. If you feel stuck, tell a fairy tale or common children's story. You could also tell about something you've experienced, seen, heard, read about....
Be sure to hand in your story if you haven't already. Your animoto and story will be graded using the same rubric. We will share two videos each day until everyone has had a chance to share.

So, who would like to be up today?
Remember our time-tested strategy for the article of the week: pre-read the questions, annotate with purpose, and then use the purposeful annotations to answer the questions.
This week's lesson is on the prefixes that indicate AWAY FROM. We have co, col, con, com, syn and sym-- all six of which mean WITH or TOGETHER
No quotes this week. We are taking a break.
What other words do you know that contain these prefixes?
Put your reading log on your desk to be checked.
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