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Food and Beverage service

No description

sirena braiel

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Food and Beverage service

Top f&b trends for U.S in 2014
Healthy kids meal
Bean Bonanza
Wood-Fired Cooking Turns up the Heat
Rich in protein and naturally gluten-free, beans have worked their way out of the can and into an array of new products, including chips, crackers, dips and snacks. As Americans embrace meat alternatives and trends like "Meatless Monday," expect to see more beans and other legumes, including edamame, white beans, black beans, red lentils and yellow lentils.
Mankind has cooked over open flames for millennia, but this organic, back-to-nature method is set to catch fire. The trend began with pizzerias but will expand as on-trend restaurants build kitchens with wood-fired ovens front and center.
2014 Food and Beverage Trends
Name Sirena. Braiel
Trends of food and beverage- the
improving changes
of f&b industry.
Due to the recent economic meltdown, consumers are looking to save as much money as possible. One major way that consumers are doing so is by purchasing more foods and making their own meals, not going out to eat. This is causing food processing companies to become more creative and smart to
decrease the cost of goods sold, attract more customers, and increase profit margins
cause of changes
1) Wood fire cooking
2) Savoury wine
3) Bubbling, fizzing beverage
4) Ice-cream sandwiches
5) Bean Bonanza
6) Healthy kids meal
7) local everything
8) Teatime
9) Foodies on Smartphone

Foodies on the Fly
Companies will continue to cater to smartphone-wielding foodies, offering more bite-sized content, including recipes and cooking demos delivered via mobile devices. In addition to using smartphones to choose a restaurant, reserve a table and share the experience, more diners will analyze the nutrition of the meal and pay the check.
Savoury cocktails
Ice Cream Sandwiches
The year 2013 was all about donuts and chocolate. But 2014? people are veering into ice cream land. The trend might sound out of left field, but experts from both Kitchen Daily and the National Restaurant Association have noted that ice cream sandwiches are expected to go big this year. In addition, cupcakes, donuts, and croissants were on their way out, and ice cream sandwiches and biscuits are on their way in.
The trend is bacon infused, mustard and horse dish vodka being used as a base spirit in cocktails.
From fruit vodka cocktail to a breakfast
vodka cocktail.
Tea Time
tea has been bubbling for years now, but experts are now predicting this warm beverage will regain popularity, just as it regains a new time — namely, low tea time. According to Kitchen Daily, because more and more consumers are now snacking their way through the day rather than eating three solid meals, the Food Channel believes a fourth meal called low tea will be one of this year’s hottest food trends. Low tea is a light meal or snack of brunch-type fare that is served around 4 p.m., and is especially perfect for entertaining guests.
It may even go beyond drinking tea. NPR says that we may be eating tea in 2014, as well. The publication notes that tea leaves will be big in entrees, desserts, and cocktails this year.
local everything
There is also now an emphasis on sourcing and growing everything locally, and that will not change this year. In fact, the trend will only gain more traction, experts say. Not only will locally sourced meat and seafood — along with locally grown produce — continue to pop up on menus, there will even be a bigger stress on hyper-local produce, meaning more and more restaurants will be tending to their gardens.

This is the kind of food trend that not only benefits the consumers, but also the producers. The country’s farms are expected to make gains in 2014, and many believe that restaurants will especially follow the style of the Midwestern food movement, which is all about the simple and hearty cooking of root vegetables, steak and other locally sourced ingredients.
Speaking of “healthy” food trends, we should note that all experts across the board agree that there will be an emphasis on children’s access to healthy meals in 2014. Long gone are the days when restaurants simply slap a greasy burger on kids’ plates. No, now they’re working on improving the palates of the young ones by offering them healthier alternatives, and not just by putting pizza, burgers, and fries on the menu. Forbes agrees. Late in 2013, it named healthier kids’ meals one of its top-10 food trends for 2014, recognizing that parents are fighting back against childhood obesity, and are asking restaurants to help. Sides of apples, yogurt, and baked fries will become the norm in 2014.
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Bubbling, Fizzing Beverage Trends
Sodas: With contraptions like SodaStream hitting the market, soda has gone DIY. Restaurants are following suit, offering their versions of house-made sodas. Like the craft beer market, we have now entered the age of craft soda.
Sour Beer: This may sound gross, but according to the report, sophisticated beer drinkers are turning towards beer with a sour taste. Craft brewers have begun inoculating beers with wild yeasts and aging them in wood to give them a slightly acidic taste
Bar Culture Trendlets: Mixologists, flavored ice cubes, misting essences over cocktails, gin connoisseurship, hard cider, dispensed highbrow slushy cocktails, locally made rye and bourbon and more beer and wine in fast-casual chains.

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