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Solo Presentation : Battlestar Galactica

No description

Kim Jun Ki

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of Solo Presentation : Battlestar Galactica

Solo Presentation
#4 Kim Jun Ki
Season 1 : 2004. 10. 18~ 2005. 01. 24
Season 0(mini series) : 2003
Season 2 : 2005. 07. 15~ 2006. 03. 10
Season 3 : 2006. 10. 06~ 2007. 03. 25
Season 4 : 2008. 04. 04~ 2009. 03. 20
Original Series
Remake Series
Tv Series : 1978

Movie Battle Star Galactica : 1978

Galactica 1980 : 1980

Commander William Adama

Captain of Battlestar Galactica

Father of lieutenant Lee Adama (eldest son)

representative of military side
Dr. Gius Baltar

was in charge of military defense system
something strange relationship with... Cylon No. 6
representative of human nature's side

President Laura Roslin
The President of remained human beings
terminally ill
representative of political side
Former Minister of Education

12 human colonies in galaxy


Why do people so like this drama?
1. characterful character

2. Messages

All combined
What we can learn about...
1. True meaning of living
2. What being human is

So Say We All
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