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Proper waste disposal and segregation enhancement

No description

Justine Lee

on 5 March 2016

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Transcript of Proper waste disposal and segregation enhancement

The purpose of this project is to involve the community in the solid waste management in order to solve the problem of uncollected waste.
The project also aims to let the community cooperate, practice, participate and let this be a part of their daily activities even after the end of the project.

Proper waste disposal and segregation enhancement
expected output
After implementation of the project in brgy. Patag, it is expected that the brgy. will have less flood problems and be able to segregate their wastes properly.
It is also expected that the other task perform by the team will be a big example to include it in their own daily routine practices and activities.
Also, the residents in the brgy. are expected to learn from the orientation or seminar conducted by the team and will be able to apply them to their community for a cleaner and better brgy.

Specifically the team aims:

To enhance and increase the awareness of Brgy. Patag residents about proper waste disposal and segregation.
To promote cleanliness and orderliness in the baranggay.
To promote solidarity and cooperation among Brgy. Patag residents for community development.
To provide garbage bins or big trash cans.

One of the problems in Brgy. Patag is the improper waste disposal. Waste segregation is a vital component for a healthy living. Wastes are to be separated into three categories

the biodegradable waste material

non- biodegradable waste products

and the recyclable materials.

"A step to a cleaner and flood-free community of Brgy. Patag"

Generally, this project intends to enhance proper waste disposal and segregation as a key to prevent flood and to prevent the attack of any diseases in Barangay Patag.

Conduct a survey to the brgy. regarding waste disposal.
Consult the brgy. officials and discuss about the project for the implementation.
Look for potential donors and partners for the implementation.
Purchase garbage bins/ big trash can and other materials and tools needed for the project.
Place proper labelled garbage bins in the necessary areas.
Conduct youth orientation and seminar about waste disposal and segregation.
budgetary requirement
so what seems to be the problem?
thank you for listening!
materials and tools..... 1500
garbage cans............... 5400
miscellaneous.............. 4000
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