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Against Universal Healthcare

No description

Richard Curtis

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Against Universal Healthcare

The Faults of Universal Health Care The Current Health Care System Don't fix whats not broken 82% of Americans happy with their coverage except for cost Higher rates for recieving treatment recently Cost biggest problem Those who can't afford Health Care It is illegal for a hospital to deny treatment to someone in need This even includes illegal immigrants with no intention to repay them Charity The Potential Rise in Health Care There will be an increase in surgeries without the worry of cost More expensive treatments/medication will be choosen by those in need. Competition for best treatment at a good price is what leads to lowest prices Risking the Economic Well Being of our Country Massachussets Example Implemented a Statewide Health Care Drove state into bankruptcy No expected benefits gained Decrease in cost of health care State's overall health Factors Involved in our Country Our country is all ready trillions of dollars in debt, this could put us over the edge If system fails our goverment won't be able to revoke millions of citizens' health care Burdens we will be forced to deal with The unintended problems with the unhealthy Those who choose to live a healthy life style with be forced to pay for those who do dumb things or are addicted to drugs. Not only will you have to pay for people who make bad choices but you would be forced to wait in line with them for your treatments, even it results in your death The problem of Health Care Scammers Scammers already fraud the goverment out of millions of dollars every year, with universal care this will become much easier and give them many options. Big pockets get sued more, goverment is the biggest Poor people now have insurance, more likely to take advantage of the system More Unintended Consequences Forced to switch doctors or have appointment times not good for you Doctors would have more hours at worse time for them which could lead to poor patient care There is much corruption/self-interest in the goverment and this gives them much money to deal with Many jobs at risk in the transition to goverment run health care By: Richard Curtis Timothy Cahill
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