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ASCA National Model

No description

Rebekah Schlatter

on 15 August 2017

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Transcript of ASCA National Model

The American School Counselor's Association (ASCA)
National Model
Guides all PWCS
Counseling Programs
Mentoring for All New Counselors
and Counseling Directors
Professional Developement
Developed by Counselors for Counselors
RAMP Designation at 10 middle and high schools

Preparing All Students to
Achieve Success
Program Focus
Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Program Goals
Student Competencies
ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors
Virginia Standards of Learning
Professional Competencies
ASCA School Counselor Competencies
ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors
School Counselor Competencies Assessment
School Counseling Program Assessment
Use of Time Assessment
Annual Agreement
Advisory Council
School Data Profile
Action Plans
Lesson Plans
Delivery System
Direct Student Services
School Counseling
Core Curriculum
Individual Student Planning
Responsive Services
Indirect Student Services
Data Analysis
School Data Profile Analysis
Use of Time Analysis
Survey/needs assessment
Program Results
Curriculum Results Report Analysis
Small Group Results Report Analysis
Evaluation and Improvement
School Counselors Competencies Assessment Analysis
Program Assessment Analysis
School Counselor PGP and PPP
Program Goals Analysis
Why the ASCA National Model?
Systemic Change
ASCA National Model Fundamental Questions
What do students need that the school
counseling profession, based on its special
body of knowledge, can best address?
Which students benefit from
activities designed to address
these needs?
What are school counselors best
qualified to do to help students?
How does school counseling relate to the overall educational program?
How can school counseling be provided
most efficiently and effectively?
How is a good school counseling program developed by a school?
How are the results of school counselors' work measured?
Expectations for all PWCS Counselors:
Know the ASCA National Model
Advocate for your program as you interact with all stakeholders
Commit yourself to reaching for excellence in your daily work with students
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