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Literature: The Syrian Solution

No description

Rachel Bush

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Literature: The Syrian Solution

Literature: The Syrian Solution
Syrian Geography
History of Syria
Hanna Mina
Important Syrian novelist
Pioneered the Syrian novelistic tradition before it was popular
His novels were based on poverty, loss, and class conflict, primarily after Syrian independence
Wrote letters and petitions to the government about the hardships of Syrian citizens
Was exiled to China because of his political convictions
His works include: "Sun on a Cloudy Day," "On the Sacks," and "The Road and the Storm"
Ali Ahmad Said Esber (Adunis)
Influential Syrian poet
"Adunis," his pen name, means "God of Fertility."
His style of writing consists of a mixture of modernism with mystical imagery of Classical Arabic poetry
Considers himself a secular Muslim
Likes to challenge religious tradition, which gets him in trouble with the government and religious leaders
Wrote about the 9/11 attack in his poems: "A Grave for New York" and "9/11/2001 BCE"
Was important because his poetry discussed rebellion with traditional Arabic poetry styles to balance it out
Other works include: "The Blood of Adonis," "If Only the Sea Could Sleep," and "An Introduction to Arab Poetics"
Colette Khoury
Famous Syrian novelist and politician
Was influenced by her grandfather who took place in the Syrian resistance against the French
Played a role in Arab feminism
Became a member in the Syrian parliament and encouraged other women to participate in politics
Was especially conroversial for writing about romance, which was unheard of in the conservative Syrian society
In these novels, she wrote about a strong female protagonist
Her work includes
The Days with Him
One Night
, which were both about love affairs
Saadallah Wannous
Famous Syrian Playwright
Very critical of the Syrian government
Used his plays to represent his dissatisfaction with Syrian politics
Wrote "The King is King" mocking Hafez al-Assad, who was the fairly new ruler of Syria
Mocked the Arab-Israeli War in which Syria was vanquished by the Israelis (1967)
Wrote "The Evening Party for the Fifth of June" about this war
Belonged to the Alawite religion
The Assad regime only allowed his works in order to prove that they were 'open to criticism'
Also wrote controversial plays such as "Rituals of Signs and Changes" and "The Rape"
Samar Yazbek
Syrian author and journalist
Feminist in the Syrian revolution
Denounced by her family
Opposed the regime even though they shared a religion
Belonged to the Alawite religion
Became the target of the regime's hitmen
Detained by authorities several times
Helped wounded victims & children
Worked 'underground' with her daughter
Documented testimonies of the Opposition
A Woman in the Crossfire
discussed her experience of the Syrian revolution
Syria: After the Revolution
Syria: Before and After
Syrian Religions
Presentation by Rachel Bush and Ibrahim Mohammed
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