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A Closer Look at the life of GG

No description

Guercie Guerrier

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of A Closer Look at the life of GG

I used to live in Florida with my family. It was there where I vividly remember cutting off my my baby cousin’s hair because I said “ Alyssa’s hair is too long! My hair needs to be that way.”
Nursing Home Adventures
One random afternoon, my mother did not have a babysitter for me. Therefore, she had to bring me to work. It did not turn out well for her.
I ran into the old people's rooms and began to started a ruckus, I also touched their wrinkly skin.
"The Easy Life"
I remembered the name of old my town, Lakeland, Florida. I went to an amazing school, this was there where I learned to love exercise and dance. Every day, every single student danced and exercised together until they dropped.
Chop, Chop
Stupid Black Brace
In the seventh grade, on my Mother's birthday, May 5Th, I waited for my mother in the living room by dancing. My knee fluctuated and I fell and could not walk. We went to the orthopedic and he gave me a brace that I had to wear for the majority of that year. During the summer, I had to attend therapy.
"Are you Debie's little sister?" *sign* "Yes."
Everyone loved my older sister, she was a really nice girl, and I used to hit her because of it. I was very violent and had to learn. By my second or third grade year Debbie joined Wequonnoc Elementary School. I was now known as Debbie’s little sister, a name in which I hated but now I have grown to love. In the beginning of middle school, I was a follower. I started to get bullied again. A lot of my “friends” were only there for my homework answers and to say that they knew my eighth grade sister, who was captain of the basketball team.

Teach them a lesson
During my elementary school life, I was bullied by the same group of guys, because I was the only girl who tried to play basketball. They heckled me and called me “she-man.” I was never mean back because my momma should me christian values, which stuck with me all the way.
To overcome the boys meanness, I just did my best and showed them up. Now I was the first one picked and last one to be chosen

I started to love who I become and I broke away from many stereotypes, in which was said that as a african-american girl I "have to smoke pot with kids after school". I did the complete opposite. All throughout middle school I was a high honors student and always had a close relationship with my teachers and principals. This made people think of me as an "offie." Working hard was not considered cool.
Oreo Power
I was called the white wannabe by many or as my classmates would say to me "Wow GG you are the whitest black girls that I ever met.” When Ayanna and I was called this we would laugh at the immaturity of the others, because a person cannot act white. To make our own joke we say something along the lines of “oreo power.” It was our favorite food anyway, so we found pleasure in making fun of it. This one teacher Ms. G awarded us with oreos also!
Early Years
Awkward Years
Developing Years
A Closer Look at the Weird Life of GG
Tatie Gertrude was not as happy as this emoji. My pregnant aunt was furious!
Who I am
I have a passion for singing so, all three years my year hosted a talent show, in all three years I sang a song that sent a message to everyone. I was asked to sing our graduation song, and I choose “Always Be Together” by Little Mix. This song is about friendship and how it is always there for you. This was one of my philosophies, not to leave my friends despite what people think of them. During graduation I gained a few awards “Outstanding Female Athlete”, History award, English award and the Musical Award. These prizes award me with money, which I spent the same day. The events that happened to me formed me to be the person I am today!

My family and I lived in the same white house in Taftville, Norwich, Connecticut for years on end. We had next door neighbors who were sisters in our age group, Kelsey, and Kayla. Debbie still did not know English fully so I had to translate from creole. I was not patient, under any circumstances. I got in so much trouble because of it
we not as nice, as young sisters me had much to learn.
Kels and Kayla were crazy also
I got into a lot of trouble as usual.
My violence stopped because it was the wrong thing to do, especially when she did not hit back.
These were the looks that were given to my Mother and I.
There was this one moment where I dragged two boys by their collars of their shirts.
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