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No description

Munaam Naveed

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Wonder

Auggie's Appearance
By: R.J Palacio
Main Characters
A 10 year old boy who has never been to school before because he has what the doctors call small anomalies, which is why he has always been getting surgeries to fix his face, then recovering, then having another surgery. So for the first time, Auggie started school at Breecher Prep in the 5th grade.
A 15 year old girl who has just started high school. Due to Auggie's medical problems Via has always been neglected by her parents. Via loves her brother alot and cannot bear a word spoken against him but at times she feels like her parents aren't giving her enough attention since they are too focused in Auggie. When she starts her new school no one is aware of how her younger brother looks unlike how it has been at her previous schools. So she thinks its a fresh start and she won't be judged by how her brother looks. Via ends up making new and better friends after breaking up with her best friend.
August Pullman
Olivia Pullman
Nate and Issabel Pullman
Jack Will
is a very nice and polite girl in the 5th grade. She always stands up for her friends and she is very sincere. She is also very smart.
is nice and cool. He is hesitant to be friends with Auggie in the begining but they become pretty good friends by the end.
is Via's boyfriend who is very interested in music. He is nice and understanding when it comes to Auggie's appearance.
Nate and Isabel
are very supportive and encouraging parents. Nate is the more lively and funny parent. Isabel is overprotective, yet caring. Both parents always tell Auggie that he looks beautiful no matter what anyone else says. They do sometimes try to hide their honest feelings from Auggie because they don't want him to feel bad but overall their very proud of him.
Auggie goes to school a week before school actually opens where he is introduced to the principal, Mr.Tushman and he gets a tour of the school by three kids, Jack, Julian and Charlotte they all seem nice. So Auggie starts off school feeling very uncomfortable and strange. He always walks around with his head bend and his bangs covering his eyes. He mostly hangs out with Jack , siting together in all their classes, playing together at recess, thinking that their friends. At lunch time Auggie is alone on a table in the cafeteria untill Summer sits with him and they get to Know eachother and later become friends. On Halloween an incident changes Auggie's opinion of Jack and makes him feel heartbroken. After Jack apologizes to Auggie, they become friends again. The grade five classes go on a camping trip, the first Auggie's ever been to. Another incident takes place which makes Auggie fit in with the other kids at school and makes the popular kids realize that Auggie is pretty cool. So by the end of the book Auggie concludes that coming to school wasn't such a bad idea
is a boy in the 5th grade who always bullies Auggie and makes fun of him by saying that he looks like he was burned in a fire. He is a two sided person because he acts all innocent and nice infront of the adults but he is completely different infront of other kids.
His eyes are almost halfway down to his cheeks, and they slant downward at an extreme angle. He doesn't have eyebrows, or eyelashes. His nose is way too big for his face. He doesn't have cheek bones either. He has a very small chin and cauliflower shaped tiny ears.
August (Auggie) Pullman
Olivia (Via) Pullman
I really enjoyed reading this book because it had a very interesting and different plot. It was very amusing and kept me anticipating for more. It helped me realize that I should not judge people by their appearances like how everyone in the book judged Augggie but when they give him a chance they realized that he was actually a really fun guy. I would recommend this book to anyone from ages 10 and up.
has always been really close with the Pullman family and especially Auggie. Miranda gave Aggie an astronaut helmet that he wore evrywhere when he was little. Miranda was Via's best fiend untill on the first day of school she acts snobby and cool. So Via and Miranda don't talk to eachother and just go their own ways, with the occasional hello.
R.J. Palacio
R.J. Palacio lives in NYC with her husband, two sons, and two dogs. For many years, she was an art director and book jacket designer, designing covers for countless well-known writers in every genre of fiction and nonfiction. Wonder is her first novel.
The first moral of this book was to teach us not judge people by their appearances. Secondly, to help us realize how fortunate we are to have a complete and normal face without people being made fun of all the time. Finally, the author hoped that after reading this book, we would come away with the idea that we are noticed: our actions are noticed. Maybe not immediately or directly or even in a way that is obvious but if we're mean, then someone sufferes, If we're kind, someone benefits. And the choice is ours: wether to be noticed for being kind or for being mean. We get to choose who we want to be in this world and how we want the world to remember us as. It's not our friends and not our parents who make these choices: its us.
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