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How to design & deliver E-learning

Preparation for I.C. - 28th/3/11

Adam Bayliss

on 27 March 2011

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Transcript of How to design & deliver E-learning

How to design & deliver e-learning Design Building from scratch Adapting existing resources Specification sheet Process Initial Agile
Development Iterations Themes to be Introduced / dicussed in this unit Learning Objectives What students need to be able to demonstrate a knowlege of having studied this unit Resources What resources do we have?
What do we need to produce? Tutorial sheets Lecture notes Media Links What went before? Existing Resources Resources to be collected Film Podcasts Buying in resources Frameworks Project GANTT Audience Who are we writing for? What is their level of pre-knowlege? How long will they be expected to spend? What is motivating them? How do they expect to be addressed? What interactions are they comfortable with? User-Centred Design What approaches
are we using? TIME!! RESOURCES!! BUDGET!! Creative Brain Processes Synthesis Knowlege Experience The workings of the creative process
within the mind are one of the great
unexplained mysteries of science Example 1.
Repurposing an existing course
Applying a new brand Cross-mapping Re-writing New resources Resources! Animations Interactive objects Formal teaching video Narrative-based storytelling Live lectures Filmed Adobe Presenter Thank you for watching
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