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Critical Thinking through Socratic Seminar Across the Disciplines

An application of the Socratic Seminar Model that is driven by student inquiry and collaboration.

michelle pruett

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Critical Thinking through Socratic Seminar Across the Disciplines

Socratic Seminar
Various points of view about Socratic Seminar
Variations on the Socratic Seminar Strategy
Critical Thinking Through Socratic Seminar
Across the Disciplines

Michelle Pruett


Alignment with the Common Core Standards
Annotating the Text
Socratic Seminar in Math
E.Q- How can we use inquiry to drive a relevant, student generated Socratic Seminar?
Brainstorm five topics for S.Sem and write essential questions for each topic, then vote to select the one topic and question that your team will research in the lab on Monday.
Your task is to locate three strong scholarly articles that will drive our Socratic Seminar and email the links to those article to: michellepruett.mp@gmail.com
Homework for the weekend- Collaborate with your team to be sure you all made your voting selection and to go above and beyond, do some pre-researching of articles.
Rise to this Challenge:
Socratic Seminar Research
5 minutes: Read and Annotate the Story Wolf and Dog
by K. Sean Buvala
5 minutes:
Use your annotations to prepare your own Socratic Seminar Prep sheet by asking deeper questions about the text as it relates to the Essential Inquiry Question:

Essential Inquiry Question: How might this story represent the greater world, society, or groups of people?
Strategy: Structuring A Unit With High Level Inquiry To Drive Socratic Seminar

· Purpose/objective: Teachers will learn how to organize the process of Socratic Seminar so that a high level of inquiry and student engagement is evident.

· Connection to CSTPs (simply identify which CSTPs align with the strategy- see attached chart)

· Connections to Common Core State Standards (simply identify which CCSSs align with this strategy, if you can)

· Description of the strategy and how it addresses students’ needs (including EL and Special Needs)
- Allows for Collaborative Groups
-Allows for processing time
-Creates a classroom climate in which oral communication is student centered and is seen as fun and exciting
-Allows students to learn through observation

· Research- Personal Anecdote and Student Testimony: "Mrs. Pruett, can we do another Socratic Seminar?" "When is our next Socratic Seminar?" "I really liked being able to speak my mind." hen Research basis for the strategy; personal experiences of the strategy’s effectiveness in managing, motivating, or challenging students to think critically

· Demonstration of the strategy – engage the new teachers in using the strategy in a meaningful way (you can use your subject content, research in the topic of the presentation, or literature in culturally responsive teaching as the material for the demonstration)

· Please provide a few suggestions for the strategy in different content areas

· Reflection

o Time for teachers to reflect/collaborate on how this would work in different class settings

o Time for teachers to ask questions
Resources / Handouts
What questions might you have about the process or purpose?

How are we doing on time?
Michelle Pruett, CHS English Teacher
2. Norms and Use in Class
1. What Teachers have to say about Socratic Seminar
3. The Procedures of Socratic Seminar
Teaching Channel Adaption and Alignment with National Standard
Strategy: Structuring A Unit With
High Level Inquiry To Drive Socratic Seminar
For one minute,
Silently prepare a 30 second speech
about how the students we just observed seemed to have ownership of the discussion. What did you notice about their level of questioning and their comments to one another?
What did you notice about the teacher's role?
* I need 3 speeches to be shared aloud
Adaptions/Variations of Socratic Seminar
Claim/Counter Claim
Teacher & Student Generated
Assessment of Textual Annotation
Overview/ Research into the strategy
Teacher & Student Generated
Assessment Socratic Seminar
Reflection- What was your experience and how do you think students would have handled this Socratic Seminar?
Inside-outside circle Teaching Channel 1 min to 3.45
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