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Senior Project (Cheer)

No description

Mariah Constantino

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Senior Project (Cheer)

In The Beginning.
For The Love of Cheer Leading.
By: Mariah Constantino
Pd.4 Expository Writing
Cheerleading first began in the 1800's.
Back then cheerleaders were originally called "Yell Leaders".
Cheerleaders usually led the crowd in cheers, encouraging other athletes like football and basketball players to win.
Thomas Peebles was America's first cheerleader (yell leader).
In 1898 Johnny Campbell composed the first official cheerleading team.
Unfortunately due to World War II, more females were introduced to cheerleading and began joining.
History In The Making
By the 1960's cheerleading could be found in almost every high school and grade school in the country.
Cheerleading had grown to be fierce over the years and competitions were now being held nationally with teams from all over the world.
With competitions such as NCA Nationals, USA nationals and Worlds cheerleading was being recognized everywhere.
By the 80's decade cheerleading brought forth the launch of many event companies.
Between 17-20 of the 50 states now consider cheerleading as an actual sport including hawaii.
Practice Makes Perfect.
Unlike most high school sports cheerleaders train year round, practicing and cheering at football games in the fall and basketball in the winter.
Starting over the summer cheerleaders attend cheerleading camps on and off island to up their skill level for the new season.
Besides supporting other high school teams cheerleaders also train during competition season to prepare themselves for regionals, states and sometimes nationals.
High School cheerleaders do not have weekly games to prepare for championships or competitions like most high school sports, they train all year to compete one time with the hopes that they will come out on top.
It takes dedication to maintain the required cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength it takes to compete and perform a full out routine, containing standing and running tumbling, jumps, stunts, pyramids, cheering and dancing all in 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
Without the right amount of practice and training cheerleaders often end up seriously injured.
The Benefits.
Considering high school cheerleading as a sport in every state will be beneficial to several young teens.
Young cheerleaders would be given the opportunity to receive full and partial ride cheerleading scholorships for college.
Having cheerleading as a sport would offer several teens who choose to cheer a great way to stay in-shape and stay healthy.
Overtime cheerleaders on one team grow to be close as if they are family, offering a support system to teens who come from broken homes.
Teens with the option to cheer are taught several personal traits they may continue to carry on with them in their future such as responsibility, self-discipline, determination, and appreciation.
Most people do not realize that cheerleaders train just as other athletes such as football players and gymnasts.
Cheerleading first began as sideline entertainment.
Over the next several years cheerleading evolved into fierce competition.
The End.
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