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Horses in the Night

No description

rebecca suggett

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Horses in the Night

Horses in the Night
By Margaret Laurence

Significant Details
- Came down south to attend high school.
-Became very close to Vanessa and developed a connection to her.
- After high school, Chris moved away but he comes back a few times a year. Through these visits we learn Chris never has a steed job and has become a traveling sales man.
- We learn through a letter that Chris had joined the army and had a mental break-down and now housed in a mental hospital
The Saddle : it symbolizes the means to escape reality. When Chris has enough, he climbed into the saddle of his and drifts away from reality.
Stars: Chris desire to to depart from reality.
2 Horses : represent Chris declining metal state.
The short story of
Horses in the Night
took place in 1929-1939 during the great depression in the prairies of Manawaka. Chris comes from a small town way up north named Swallow Creek, where there was never much happening and the closes school or store was the next town over. He soon ventures down south to the little bigger town of Manawaka to finish his education. Margaret Laurence builds the setting up in ways that make you feel gloomy at times. This is gives you the scene of relation to how Chris and the others feel.
Tones/ Style
Foreshadowing: When Chris tells Vanessa about war horses, it is foreshadowing that Chris is going to war.

Useful Quotes
"I put the saddle away once more, gently and ruthlessly, back into the cardboard box."
-This makes a great quote because its Vanessa's symbolic way of putting Chris down once more and accepting the fact he will never be the same again.
"He would remain with his long loping walk and half-slanted grey eyes and his talk that would never exclude me."
-This is useful because it shows how the great depression affects Chris on his hard journeys.
The main theme that presented by the story is perception of reality. This is because through out the hole story Chris battles between his dream world and his reality. Some other themes that apply would be alienation, loss of innocence, and disillusionment and dreams. All of the themes apply on Chris's journey between the two worlds.
Plot Summary
Horses in the Night
by Margret Laurence is a short story about how a young, adventurous, kind-hearted man named Chris (the main character) sent down south to Manawaka to live with some distant family in hopes to fulfill his dreams. As the great depression got worst so does Chris's potential on his dream job. After having to face failure after failure Chris falls into the worst version of himself till eventually he breaks. The major crisis in the short story would be how the depression gets worst and causes a lot of problems for Chris. The story ends tragically and the problems never truly resolve them self for Chris, and because of this the ending would be considered indeterminate.
Vanessa is a motif because of how she is a reoccurring person who is always looking up to Chris, her amazement in his life or the stories he tells her it symbolizes Chris's pull back into reality or back into whats really going on around him.
Horses In The Night
, the story revolves around one main character with many supporting character. The main character is named Chris. Chris is a dynamic character. Chris was portrayed as a sweet,ambitious, imaginative boy who turned into a violent man. Chris became so violent that the army discharged him and sent him to an insane asylum.

Most of the minor characters in horses of the night are flat characters. The one exception to this is Vanessa. Vanessa is the narrator and cousin/friend to Chris.Vanessa is a static character and maintains her sweet and innocent demeanor throughout the story. Vanessa is the character that keeps Chris in reality.
The irony in the
Horses of the Night
derives from the era which the story is based in. Chris lived with a poor family in a small house. He never knew real happiness. Chris tried to escape his depression during the Great Depression by creating a false reality.
The perspective of which the story is told in, is third person and its a narration of what goes on. Horses in the Night is in the eyes of and by Vanessa. We see how each event affects her from the age of six till the time she went to college.
Although there isn't much of a conflict through out the story of Horses in the Night there is one big the that tends to hold Chris back. The one major conflict would be the great depression because Chris starts off as a young man full of dreams and the enthusiasm to reach them but as his journey reaches the end of high school where he needs the money and help to get in to college, he finds it harder and harder to succeed. this story shows both man vs. man and man vs. society
Essay Topic That Apply
June 2012-How individuals perceive themselves and are perceived by others.
-This shows how Chris sees himself and how others see him.
January 2005-Individual's attempt attempt to secure the satisfaction of self-fulfillment.
This shows how Chris uses his stories make him feel better about himself.
June 2014-The role of self perception plays when individuals seek to reconcile the conflict between illusion and reality
this shows how Chris jumps from reality to his own fantasy.
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