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Greek Law

A presentation outlining the influence Greek Law has on western legal systems

Maheep Mannette

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Greek Law

Influence on Modern Law
Greek law has influenced us through:
Democratic Justice
Citizen Juries
Family/Tort Law
Separation from Admin
Questions to Consider:
1. Should juries hold all the power in a court?
2. Is the death penalty justified?
3. Should Judges exist?
4. Should Justice and Governance be connected?
5. Should non-citizens be given trials?
6. Should enslavement be a punishment for crime?
Origins of Greek Law
Justice & Governance
Trial system used to convict and sentence citizens
Death penalty is utilized
Separation of judiciary and strategos
Aristocratic system
Trial by Jury
A Peak at Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek Legal System:
Greek Law Overview
Also known as the Law of Athens
Established official laws in the middle of 7th century
First to use jurors
Based on democratic ideals
4 Categories:
Tort, Family, Public, Procedural
Greek Law and Legacy
Work Cited
Trial by Jury
~200 - >10,000 Jurors
Law Giver doesn't vote
Jurors publicly debate ruling
Must be Greek males
Sovereign authority
Free/Equal before the law
Non-citizens/slaves weren't tried
Citizens had long debates over laws
Greeks value "The art of argument"

History of Ancient Greece:
1st Lawmaker
Death Penalty outlined
Origin of 'Draconian'

2nd Lawmaker
Reformed Laws
Outlined Juries
Encyclopedia Britannica:
Laws of Ancient Greece:
Thank you!
Please Enjoy the Premium Greek Yogurt
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