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Urban Regeneration. London Olympic Park

This is a suitbale case study for GCSE on urban regeneration

Stuart Turner

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Urban Regeneration. London Olympic Park

Inner City Urban Regeneration.
London Olympic Park.
£6bn Government Scheme.

Key advantages brought by Regeneration
Economic: 7,000 temporary jobs and 5,000 construction jobs were created that were suitable for low skilled labour.

Social: Olympic village was converted to 3,000 affordable homes after the Games. Aquatic and Olympic stadia remain for public usage.

Environmental: Derelict land removed and replaced with 4,000 trees and 74,000 plants.
Problems of Regeneration
Economic: many of the jobs were only short term and only 20% of people were recruited from the local area. The real cost of the Games was £9.3bn

Social: some people were forcibly removed and rehoused which broke apart communities.

Environmental: The Games missed its targets to recycle waste and building materials during and after the events.
It is mostly within the Borough of Newham. The area has high levels of poverty, with unemployment at 8% in 2001- 5% above the national average. Derelict land, contaminated land and polluted waterways existed.
The Olympic Park is in the Lea Valley
Key brown field sites existed that were ripe for development. Stratford was a public transport node that would allow for the 9 million to easily reach the Park. Stratford was also well connected to other key London locations such as the EXCEL arena that was also used in the Games.
What made Stratford a good location?
The £6bn redevelopment was administered by the ODA (Olympic Development Authority)
Olympic Stadium (to seat 80,000 spectators)
Aquatics Centre
Hockey Centre
Accommodation for athletes (Olympic Village)
£150 million refit for Stratford Station.
Private investors built Westfield shopping centre.
The Olympic Facilities
Have the Games successfully regenerated Stratford and Newham.
The area has changed in character and focus. Environmentally the area has been positively transformed. Efforts still need to be made to avoid Olympic buildings being white elephants. However, the Games benefited the Nation as a whole.
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