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Red Fox


Ryan Glenn

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Red Fox

The Red Fox is superior to all foxes and a predator to many species of animals. Red Fox The Red Fox is not an endangered species but a highly populated one. From 1960-2000 the area of Red Fox population has gone from a short five acres to a large 300 acres in Ontario. The Red Fox population is 345,000000/345 million worldwide. Population Red Foxes generally dominate other species. Arctic Foxes avoid competition by living far north. In the north food is scarce, although the north is linked to the Red Fox. 3 main Red Fox predators are:Coyotes, Pumas and Humans. Enemies And Competitors Food Chain Introduction The Red Fox is the largest true bred fox and the most geographically spread Carnivore. The Red Fox is spread around the Northern Hemisphere from the Arctic Circle to North Africa,Central America and Asia. Bear eats: Red Fox and Wolf
Secondary Consumers
Wolf eats: Rabbit, Mouse and Squirrel
Red Fox eats: Rabbit, Mouse and Squirrel
Primary Consumers
Rabbit eats: Berries
Mouse eats: Berries
Squirrel eats: Berries
Berries Diet, Hunting And Feeding Behavior Red Foxes are Omnivores with a large variety of foods. For Arctic Foxes to avoid competition with Red Foxes they feed on Lemmings and Flotsam, while they leave Voles which Red Foxes prefer. In the Soviet Union over 300 species of plants and animals are consumed by Red Foxes. Red Foxes primarily feed off of small rodents. Red Foxes require 500 grams of food daily. When hunting mouse-like prey, Red Foxes will pinpoint preys location by sound then leaping, sailing above prey spinning in midair with their tails and landing on prey up to 5 metres away. Attacks On Humans -On June 26 2002, a Fox attacked a 14-week old boy in Dartford,Kent, UK, grabbing the child by the head and attempting to drag him outside before being chased away by the boy's parents.
-In June 2010, an urban Fox entered a family home in London,UK,and attacked twin baby girls who were sleeping in their cots.
-In October 2010, it was alleged in the press that a Fox bit off the nose and 2 and a half fingers of a comatose 37 year old man in Inveresk, East Lothian, UK.
-In June 2011, a fox bit two young children who were playing outside in upstate New York.
-In February 2013, a fox bit a baby in its cot in Bromley, southeast London causing facial injuries and a severed finger.

Most Fox attacks have taken place in the UK. Taming And Domestication In their wild state, Red Foxes are generally unsuitable as pets. Many abandoned kits are adopted by well-meaning people. Kits require constant supervision, when still suckling kits need milk at 4 hour intervals day and night. Captive Red Foxes become fearful of humans at 10 weeks of age. Red Foxes will always pose a threat to domestic birds even when they are well fed. Practical uses for tame Red Foxes are to encourage them to kill rats and mice in granaries. What It Would Be Like If The Red Fox Went Extinct If the Red Fox went extinct there would be one less consumer of rats and mice whom would infest Canada with small rodents. So many wild fruits would be wrecked by the amount of rodents consuming them. If our fruits were eaten we would have less food to survive with. Red Foxes can eat up to 5 rodents a day multiply that by 345 trillion. Then roughly 1.725 trillion mice are eaten daily, so every day the world would gain millions of mice and there would be fewer things to keep the mice population down. The Red Fox is one of the most populated mouse-eating species in the world.
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